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    Activision favors xbox over playstation and wii?

      It has come to my opinion after playing the newly released Call of duty: Black ops 2 that Activision favors xbox over the ps3 and wii. Not for the reason of DLC of one before the other but for 2 reasons. After playing xbox 360 BO2 and owning for my self a ps3 that 2 other reasons have ocured to me that Actvision favors Xbox. First: Servers, Xbox BO2 servers are a lot more stable then ps3 and wii for instance a xbox 4 bar is a 4 bar while a ps3 4bar is a xbox 3 bar, a ps3 3 bar is a xbox 2 bar ande ect... Second: The difference between hit detection is astronomical. A perfect shot (with a sniper for instence) would not even get a hit marker on some stationary targets while A.D.S.ed as oposed to Xbox where shot can skim a player and kill them. I'm not trying to start a console war but i would like others opinions on lag compinsation, connections and hit detection.