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    Who is disappointed so far with the Easter Eggs for Black Ops 2: Zombies?

      Ok, in Black Ops: Zombies, the Easter Eggs were pretty fun to do, and you usually got something good out of it. In Moon, you would get all perks for the remainder of the game, even if you down. On CotD, after the Easter Egg was complete and you killed George, you got a damn WunderWaffe and a free perk! Also, each Easter Egg in Black Ops gave some backstory, or progressed the plot. In Black Ops 2, we mave had two major maps and, other than some very vague hints, we have nothing to go on as far as plot. So, who else was disappointed when you completed the Tower of Babble on Tranzit and got nothing for it? or when you completed High Maintenance on Die Rise, got six perks (I wont even go into how we didn't get the good perks like Staminup or Deadshot), but downed and lost them? I just feel like Treyarch has dropped the ball so far. I hope Mob of the Dead keeps it's word and brings back the original feel of Zombies. And give us our goddamned favorite perks!