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    Maxis steps in Buddha room???

      Hi just after advice from someone who has completed the Maxis side of the EE.


      Do you need to use explosives in the Buddha room to get the quote "reincarnation is the key"?


      Who has to have the Ballistic Knives?


      What do you do with them, revive Stu?


      I've done the Maxis side a few times, the last a couple of weeks ago, but all we did was shoot the Zombies and got the quote in a couple of rounds. We also had anyone get the PaP knives and just shoot in a Buddha.


      Last night we took about 5 or 6 rounds to get the quote and one of us shot the Buddha and the floor of the Buddha room but no quote for the next step!

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          Re: Maxis steps in Buddha room???

          hey man. just saw your post, sorry for earlier today, I had my controller plugged in and I went to get up and pulled the controller, and my xbox with it, cutting its power. I was so mad, I havent played since

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              Re: Maxis steps in Buddha room???

              quiks you probably did me a favour. I wasn't going to quit myself last night but I had a massive headache and was about to throw up from it.


              Lol on the cutting the power. We could start a thread on ways people have failed doing the EE. We had a guy once whose modem reset itself as we were about to punch the tower. He got kicked but the rest of us completed it!


              Hopefully be on later.

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              Re: Maxis steps in Buddha room???

              It has to be the old white guy gets the knives to pap. I was the chic with it last time and it didn't work. Gonna be on later tonight and completing this thing.

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                Re: Maxis steps in Buddha room???

                You dont have to use explosives but it speeds it up if you do. Russ needs to go down with who's who and Sam needs to revive him with a pap'd balistic.

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                  Re: Maxis steps in Buddha room???

                  add me quiksandpull. send me a message when u wanna play

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                      Re: Maxis steps in Buddha room???

                      Might have a Lobbie around 1030 tonight with 1 others. They know all steps as well. I'll message you when we get on. About. 3 hrs from now

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                          Re: Maxis steps in Buddha room???

                          Myself and 2 others*

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                              Re: Maxis steps in Buddha room???

                              The Maxis side has been experiencing issues that are still continuing since the patch.

                              I posted a multiple threads about this issues.



                              Heres a link that sums it all up.





                              Quick summary:


                              After the patch the maxis qoutes were going out of wack. One game, the group I was helping sniped the orb and the qoutes went out of order. Second doing the symbols within couple games the qoute didnt even pop up during completion. Then the pack-a-punching of ballistics just started about a week ago. To where you do not recieve the qoute.

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                                  Re: Maxis steps in Buddha room???

                                  Got all the way thru killing mass zombies and he shouts enough. I was the chic and had the ball on me with pap ballistics. After he says enough, nothing happens.

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                                      Re: Maxis steps in Buddha room???

                                      Well here I will once again break it down detailed:



                                      First off, I state you do not need the orbs for they will be used later in course.


                                      I'm gonna start from the step after you snipe the orbs:


                                      Maxis states the following quotes:


                                      -The energy within the spheres is in-flux,  fear not you will lead them into course.

                                      -Now, find the enlightned one. For a blood sacrifice alone is not enough.

                                      -Reincarnation is key


                                      First Quote: This quote states that now the energy within the spheres is in-flux. In flux means "flowing". So we now know that there is energy in the sphere and that it is flowing. Second part of the quotes states: Fear not you will lead them into course. That means you do not need the sphere at that current momment. That you will use later in the steps.


                                      Second Quote: Enlighnted one means " Buddha". Which the meaning really does not matter. What they are trying to state is two things. The buddha is used as a reference to point out where the location of the blood sacrifice is suppose to take place. Second: We must stand in front of them of for a blood sacrifice alone is not enough. That is why we must stand in front of them because if you kill away from them it will take you until you start killing front of buddha to complete. If you kill just a round of zombie in front of buddha then you will complete. The farther away zombies die the longer it will take. Keep in mind a round meaning completing 3. Approx. 10-15 zombies.


                                      Third Quote: Reincarnation is key. Lets think outside the box on this one. Its simply just a clue towards knowning you are complete. The first quote you recieve once you start to kill is "yes yes keep going more blood" meaning that you are on the right track. The next quote is key to continuing on. That quote is Reincarnation will reveal the way foward. Remember I said reincarnation is a hint. Look its the first part of the next quote. Once you recieve reincarnation will reveal the way foward then you are done with this step.



                                      Next step: Reincarnation


                                      The quote at the end of the last step was " Reincarnation will reveal the way foward".


                                      First off let get to know what reincarnation means. Reincarnation is defined as: The rebirth of a soul in a new body. That means we need to find a way to make a soul go to a new body. Basically we are reviving something. So what do we need, that is the question. If you remember back to black ops 1 when we had to pack-a-punch the ballistic knife. When pack-a-punched it had the power to revive. The device was called a Krauss Refibillator. So thats exactly what we need is a revival device that is capable of reviving. No whos who is required. Ya its a smart idea and could of been used for the easter egg but ya it was a wasted perk.


                                      So now who is required to obtain them: Anyone.


                                      Now, people said Samuel was suppose to be the one to obtain them. First let freeze for a second. Who is samuel master. Let's see oh ya Richtofen. What is maxis trying to do? oh ya go against maxis. So wtf do people get this idea of samuel must have ballistics. People just got to think sometimes. Ya it will work with him but any characters can obtain them.


                                      Once you obtain them next thing to do is Pack-a-Punch them. Now this is very important when you go to grab them you must recieve the following quote:


                                      The Regenerative power within the device is vital to our success. Ensure you do not lose them.


                                      If you do not your game is glitched. Now this is something that is happening alot since the patch. Every group I have helped since patch has been glitched.


                                      Now that quote lets us know that the Krauss Refibillator is key to his success and now what we must do with them is just simply shoot them in the buddha room. NO nobody has to go down. You know why because the quote tell you that.


                                      When you shoot them you get the following quotes:



                                      First Quote: Agh yes do you see the energy of their broken souls have been released.


                                      - Right there it says "Their" which means more then one. So right their that eliminate anyone going down for the count.



                                      I could continue if you like how I am presenting this lol

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                                      Re: Maxis steps in Buddha room???

                                      So is it a case that it is just hit and miss if it is going to work properly at this stage? 


                                      Might be best to adopt an attitude of let's try and do it it but if it doesn't work let's shoot for a high round. What do people think?


                                      Has anyone had a reply from tech support? Is it better to put another request or add a comment to InventiveDamage's post on tech support?


                                      Sorry is that a lot of questions? ;-p

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                                          Re: Maxis steps in Buddha room???

                                          Yeah. Quicksand pulled his cord out and then everyone bounced. I stayed, I had just about everything I needed. I stayed in for 10 more rounds until I backed out and had lunch.

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                                            Re: Maxis steps in Buddha room???

                                            Okay well I contacted support which Treyarch has no direct number through Activision. So I was explaining issue to the representative and first thing I stated was:



                                            I have completed maxis about approx 30+ times. I am not recieving a pariticular quote. Could you possilby look into seeing what the issue is.




                                            Hello, thanks for contacting blah blah blah. Could you state your exact issue?


                                            I then proceeded to tell him issue.




                                            I'm sorry to say I went over a talk with my co-worker about this issue you are having. It seems that the game is playing properly and all in game quote are working. I am sorry to say we can not provided tip, hints, or guides towards in game rewards/quotes.


                                            Me: I already completed it.


                                            I then proceeded to ask for a manager or a way to contact treyarch for the rep was not very helpful. So what does he do he gives me a number to their phone support (Activision that is). Thinking that I would consider that treyarchs number. I even asked rep is this their number.


                                            Rep: Yes sir.



                                            **** activision tech support.


                                            So I did find a way to send treyarch a message.


                                            No response though. So next I proceeded to try to contact jimmy, collin, or david on twiiter no response. So right now guys I dont think they are creating any type of patch.

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