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    Maxis on Die Rise has anyone completed it in the last week or so?

      Hi all just after any info from anyone who has completed the Maxis side of the EE in the last week or so. I've completed about five times a few weeks ago but now I haven't been able to help anyone get it.


      We seem to get stuck at the Buddha room step. We get the quote reincarnation is the way forward, or something like that, and I'm pretty sure we get two fireworks to light up on the Maxis dragon but we don't get the quote when the Ballistic knives are PaP. We did get the PaP quote once after clearing the Cache but still couldn't proceed past that even by shooting the floor, Buddha, sacrificing Rusman and doing those with and without the ball.


      We tried killing the Zombies in front of the Buddha and we have been up to round 20 killing them.


      Just wondering if it is because I have done it more than once and it won't let me help others?


      Or is it because I've done Richtofen on Tranzit and Die Rise so now it has decided I have chosen Richtofen's side so I can't do Maxis?


      I'm on Xbox so not sure if that is causing the problem as well.


      Any info would be good.

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          Re: Maxis on Die Rise has anyone completed it in the last week or so?

          Xbox player.


          I finished it today actually.


          I honestly think its just an on and off going process.


          Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't.


          Try to ignore the quotes for the Buhdda Room quotes in the step.


          We just killed zombies starting on round 20 for 5 rounds. On round 26, we kept a zombie, PAP'd the ballistic knives with Stuhlinger, and then revived Russman. We did this just to play it safe. But one thing we made sure was that we were ALL in the Buhdda Room when we did that step, although it shouldn't really matter. And then we went off to the next step. : ).

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            Re: Maxis on Die Rise has anyone completed it in the last week or so?

            i was trying to help some people do it yesterday. we started killing zombies on round 12 i think and stayed there till 19. sadly we got downed and the guy who left to PaP the ballistic got trapped in the an-94 hallway so we gave up.


            but i do remember hearing the sacrifice quote. but i have heard alot of problems with this side on the EE with xbox.

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              Re: Maxis on Die Rise has anyone completed it in the last week or so?

              I'm pretty sure that if you've already done the EE, the tower will be lit up and you won't be able to do it again.  I think the trick is to start a custom game, with nobody in the lobby who has already done it.  Once the game is started, they can invite you to the game.  You won't get to play until round 2, but the tower won't be lit up, and you can help them with the EE.


              I did the Maxis side about a week ago, and we spent 2-3 rounds in Buddah room.  We tried to kill zombies only when they were fully into the room, and tried to get most of those kills by the two Buddahs. 


              For the ballistic knives part, there is no need to revive anyone.  Simply shoot the knives twice and you'll get the quote.

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                Re: Maxis on Die Rise has anyone completed it in the last week or so?

                Me and my friend klutch.... Have yesterday.... You gotta be in Buddha room killin zombies really close to the Buddha statues as early as possible at round 4-5, first making sure you're in the sacrifice step first obviously.  Every time I've helped people do this Easter egg, which had been quite a bit actually lately... This is how we've done it.  Does NOT MATTER who gets the pack-a-punch'd ballistic knife, all that matters is that whoever gets it doesn't pack a punch it until after you hear maxis let you know that you've killed enough zombies in the Buddha room by saying, "reincarnation.. Will reveal the way forward".  At that point let the guy with the ballistic knife get all the points, PaP it and shot the Buddha statues in the Buddha room and boom!  You're on your way.  EVVVERY TIME ....I have completed this Easter egg.... I've completed it well before round 10.


                Good luck!!




                Oh yeah... Don't buy sniper rifle to shoot balls outta the dragons mouth until he (maxis) tells you to.  And don't PaP the ballistic knives until you get the "...will reveal the way forward" quote.

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                  Re: Maxis on Die Rise has anyone completed it in the last week or so?

                  Hey thanks guys. I'll try these out but I'm sure we have got the reincarnation will reveal the way forward quote. I'm happy to keep trying and persisting with this.


                  If anyone is keen to give it a go respond on here or message me on Xbox GT is blablatj.


                  Just helped a few guys get the Richtofen High Maintenance. It was such a buzz helping the guys get it.


                  Any way anyone who needs another player for Die Rise High Maintenance on either side send me a message.

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