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    hardpoint host selection



      can you please give the best connection host like you guys do in domination? hardpoint is fun but all the time outs and disconnects are really ruining the fun for everyone. you're giving people with wireless connection host that can't handle being host in the first place.


      i get host 100% of the time now in domination, which i rather not have but at least don't sign off like most kids when i start dying and ruin the fun for everyone in the lobby. in hardpoint i hardly ever get host, why is host selection so different depending on game types?



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          Re: hardpoint host selection

          thats not an accurate portrayal of how you ping to other players. you chose a speedtest server less than 50 miles from you, and thats all it is is a server for testing speeds, not online gaming with multiple people connecting to each other with different ping times who are generally spread out from you based on spm, region, and how many ppl are playing the game mode. at least choose a server a few hundred miles from you for a better portrayal of how you would ping to players farther than 50 miles from you. i usually choose a few servers that are about 300-400 miles in radius from me since im in east central ny state and that covers a large population of the north east and player base. i get an average of around 50-60 ping which isnt bad at all but not completely optimal. your bandwidth doesnt really have that much impact on your game play, since minimum requirements to play online gaming is about 1mb dl and 256kb up. where it comes imto play is if ypu have low dl and up speeds and have multiple devices using the same internet like a desktop, wifi laptop, wifi on a phone or tablet, etc. i have like 20 dl and like 1-3 up and the game plags fine for the most part unless my dad is playing online mini games on his laptop, my mom is using the wifi on her kindle or browsingthe web on her desktop and my sister is using wifi on her tablet to shop and browse while shes watching netflix on her xbox and im playing blops2 on my xbox. jitter an packet loss play a part on your gaming experience as well

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            Re: hardpoint host selection

            you also have to keep in mind that there's generally only 1-3k people playing hardpoint at any given time compared to domination with 20-30k.

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              Re: hardpoint host selection

              The host selection in the game is the same for all game modes. The game does not give host to the player with the best connection in any game mode.

              It's the opposite. The host goes to the person with the worst connection.

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