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    where did the term?

      Hard Scope came in I know it is just basically snipping but if its the opposite of a quick scope shouldn't be call slow scope or should quick scope be call soft scope instead?

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          its not the opposite lol.


          its sniping like its intended and meant to be.


          Its just sniping and the only thing i consider sniping so i wont follow the hype of calling it hardscoping or whatever lol.

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            Hardscoping simply means it's more difficult for the toddlers and that they can't justify trickshotting using this method.

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              It means that you actually have to ADS and have the chance of missing unlike QS'ers who now basically hipfire and have a hitbox the size of a elephant.

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                Hard scope or "normal scope" is just a derogatory term used by quick scopers to put down other people who ads with their sniper rifle. It would be the equivalent of someone calling somebody else a camper who just looks down their sights from a fixed position. Its just a way of saying your not that good because you can't get a kill worthy of a faze/optic montage. Look up "jake scoping" on youtube.

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                    Is it deragatory term?  Maybe so.  I really haven't heard it used that way much.  I'm trying to develop quicksoping skills now, so I went out and watched a few youtube tutorials on the technique and in one of the more professional quality, mature videos the guy made a very good point.  He said that the three relatively established techniques of quick scoping, drag scoping, and hard scoping all have their time and place in a good snipers repoitore and knowing when to use them is as important as knowing how to use them. 


                    I think in "hard scoping" the term "hard" doesn't refer to "difficult" but rather to the use of the word "hard" as "well established" or "unchanging"

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                    Youtubers, QS clans, It wasnt till MW2 where that term finally came into place. Its more fun hearing a squeaker saying Im a harscoper using the Balista with Iron sights

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                      honestly, a sniper should be sat off somewhere "camping" and picking people off. a sniper is someone hidden, and his gun is the rifle. the reason why its called sniper's rifle.

                      it makes me laugh when i see people asking for a snipers only game mode, when really it wouldnt be played as the name intends, just people walking around with a "snipers" rifle doing SliCK_Tricck____shOtzzz-V2_.

                      The term hard scoping comes from bad loosers.

                      i.e whiney little kids who you kill and then you hear them scream down the mic




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                        Hardscoping refers to the advanced level of difficulty of sniping. QSers typically don't have the ability to hardscope and they get butthurt over watching their own killcams and seeing someone with far greater accuracy shoot them. So they came up with derogatory term to bash the skillful playstyle

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                          I hate this term as well and it was invented by spotty faced crappy kids to try and make out that proper sniper rifle use is somehow inferior.

                          Also hate all the other terms used like, ****,tryhard (who doesn't?) whore,trickshot (fluke) noscope etc etc.

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                            I covered this term long ago in the CoDHQ war against the Hopescopers. They were defeated easily.