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    LethalxGaming Recruiting

      Looking for Active and Dedicated gamers for Black Ops 2.

      Must participate in Clan ops and/or League Play and take a pro-active role in everything you do.


      You must apply here.  http://www.lethalxgaming.com/recruitment

      http://www.lethalxgaming.com/recruitmentUpon approval, our recruitment manager will provide a link to the CoD Elite clan that you should join.

      If you want in the main clan, your stats must be above the clans averages noted below.


      PS3 requires 1.3 K/D and 350 SPM

      Xbox requires 2.05 K/D and 469 SPM


      I saw this last night and felt it fits pretty well here.  I see all these people that want to be in a clan, but do not take the time to support their clan.  How does anyone expect to be in organized clan if they don't take the time to participate in the organization?  Being successful at anything requires your effort.  This clan is only as successful as its members make it.  Our valued members prove that every weekend.  If you would like to provide us with the manpower, the effort, and the time to be more than we already are.  We would love to have you! 

      PRODUCTIVITY - Motivation (Scorpion Destruction Black Ops 2)




      Thank you Orb!  I wouldn't have seen this if you didn't upload it.



      About us:




      Website for Xbox and PS3