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    Girl gamers on Black Ops 2 make me competitive, haha.



      I've done some research online and came to the conclusion that there is no consensus on the number of  males and females actually play this game.  I'd love to know how many girls are actually playing because it seems like I almost never encounter girls in the game.  It's obvious that a lot of males play the game.  Everytime I join a lobby, it is filled with, who I believe to be males. 


      That being said, it is never a guarantee that the player is actually a female--or male for that matter.  We have males who sound like females and females who sound like males.  With Black Ops 2's unique customizable emblem and new special girlie camo, determining a players gender makes it even more an mysterious task.


      When I cross lobbies with a girl player (or who I assume to be a girl) on Black Ops 2, at first I am really excited to be joined with someone else who shares the same gender as I am.  Those happy feelings are quickly overrun by ruthless feelings of competition as I frequently get gunned down--by the other female player.  When things switch over and I find myself on the same team, I feel my toes driving at the edge of sanity as I go into try-hard mode to get a better score.  Tension, does not quite explain the emotions that run through my mind... Until the final kill cam shows...


      That moment my muscles relax again, all I think of is, "I want to be friends with her," and sob in the corner of my room because I never request friends out of the blue.


      How often do other players encounter girls here?  Is it a rare occurence, like it is for me?

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