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    UK IRL & EURO Competitive/MLG squad leader and support players wanted for one of Europes best clans. Video attached, clan member hits 21000+ points on a game of hardpoint on multiteam you have got to see this play... The best play with the best!

      Simple as folks, I dont need to sell you.


      We play with the best. The biggest clans in the world compete with us.


      We have new designers and site in the pipeline and are running multiple teams for competitive gaming


      Message on XBL for a trial - see what squad you get into


      Last night I played 5 games with 2 new guys and one clan member and we are 5th in the Platinum division.


      That is how good we are!


      We want masters to play for and with us.


      If you are that good come and show us what you have!




      Gamertag; Viperthesniper9