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    How AFTERLIFE will work...prediction

      So I think when the match starts you are in ghost form and must return to your body. Than I think you will have 9 times allowed to go into the afterlife. If you noticed in the trailer their is an indicator of afterlife on the D-pad. It has a number. If you saw the ESCAPE PLAN than you would know that it said "A cat has 9 lives" So I think whenever you are downed you can click up on the D-PAD and go into ghost mode so you can clear away zombies near your downed self so you can be revived. I think if you dont click up on the D-PAD than you will automattically go into Afterlife mode. When you run out of "lives" you cannot go into afterlife mode. I also think that when you shoot electricity you have a certain amount of power that drains.