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    Callin Allnighters .. Calling Allnighters !!!

      I'm sik and tired of tryin to get a game in late at night with these Ragequitters. I dont care how good your rank is, I wanna play.

      I get real tired of playin Solo. and most if not all my Friends are either asleep becuase of work, or my Lil Nephews are asleep becuase of school.

      I know some of you guys have to be awake after midnight. I usually play from like 2 - 3 a.m. till the Break of Dawn. So if you guys wanna get down.. please hit me up. I still need to do some Easter Eggs, we can go Black ops 1 or 2 Got'm both.. I'm on PS3 so if you wanna serious game of Z's hit up ya boy Mister Z


      PSN: guero_z1979


      I know I have a few friends on here that I still haven't played yet. Sorry fellas, but my work schedule has me playing a different times.. latenight, is the best time to catch me. So if we have'nt gotten down on killin sum Z's yet.. We will !!!