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    No Mic / No Play ?

      Why ? seriously, I mean I have one, but dont always like using it. I know how to play, and dont need instructions.

      Easter Eggs too, I know how to do them or at least what to do. I also WILL play as a Team, just ask and I got your back. I mean seriously, sometimes people aren't really that interesting to talk to. YOU guys are OK, and I have yet to get a game in with one of ya'll. I guess, if I dont really know you, I wont use it, does that make sense ? Not tryin to be mean, its just not all the time but in some cases theres a bit of awkwardness ya know. I could be trippin, I'm usually ON IT ! I just hate when No one will READY UP just cuz I dont have my Mic on. I have kids and take Real good care of my sh!t, so my **** gets put up after every game. Re-boxed the whole nine, Mic too. What I'm really tryin to say is, Chances are You wont play as a team. Those might be your intentions, I know I always go into a game with Full intentions of TeamWork. I guess what Im asking is it just a Communication Thing? You guys just dont wanna play with no mics? What is the REAL DEAL about not having a mic? 

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          1. Re: No Mic / No Play ?

          Well im not saying all but I will say most people who are so concerend with other players having mics are not as good as they think they are.


          Other players not having a mic can in no way hurt a player with a mic. And if the player without a mic did have a mic it wouldnt even help more than when he didnt have a mic.


          I dont know man I dont get it either. Some people say they can at least judge if someone will quit if they have a mic but you cant read the future just because they have a mic. That being said mics are about the only defense against the quitting epidemic.

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            2. Re: No Mic / No Play ?

            Quick story while we are on the subject....


            Ive decided to start emailing people to ask them why they do what they do. So a couple nights ago I went into a lobby with a shotty, cross bones and like a skull or something. The shotty dude had a mic and one of the others had a mic and was talking. But the shotty dude never said a word. We all ready up and as it was counting down the shotty dude backed out.


            I emailed him instantly and asked if he was scared just to mess with him. He said no I dont play with peopel without mics. So I said "cuz your scared lol". He proceded to tell me he has 80,000 kills and 145 downs (not sure why he told me this) and that he wasnt scared. He also said he blocked me lol which I dont blame him.


            My point is this dude probably reset his stats and isnt as good as he thinks he is. I didnt get a straight answer out of him (probably being sarcastic lol) but non the less why else wouldnt he play? He was scared.....




            im a knife

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              3. Re: No Mic / No Play ?

              I guess I could understand that. I personally have never just quit a game. Error have happened and push me outta games but thats it. Why Rage Quit. I think becuase of the ranking system people believe that if they have a bad game it will effect them. Thats my guess. If that is the case I always play with PermaJugg on. So having that you know everytime I lose it and have to get it back, I go down at least 3 times in the First round. That could mess up my record, not sure, dont really care. I dont buy Jugg. Why, if I got perma jugg not only do I have it till round 15 when I will have more than enough points to buy Jugg, But I have it in early Rounds, giving me time to have all my buildables in order. I dont consider it cheating, even tho some people do. The way I see it, you cant cheat on something you'll never Beat anyway. Jugg only helps. So if Im a cheater then if this was a Real Zombie outbreak, I'd rather be a Living Cheater then a Dead Bad-A$$

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                4. Re: No Mic / No Play ?

                SOLO is boring for this very reson, there is nobody to talk to.

                But i sort of get where you coming from. Before we start i like to plan the strategy or at least be aware of what other players are going to do, after the game is rolling there isnt much to say except "i need to take a piss, hold the last" and talking sometimes can be offputting, loss of concentration. But if you playing a long game then i think a conversation is a must to keep awake.

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                  5. Re: No Mic / No Play ?

                  HAY Z, ill be on in 1hr if you keen.

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                    6. Re: No Mic / No Play ?

                    Well I kind of went to far when I said I totally dont get the whole need a mic thing.


                    I dont understand wht beast players are so concerened with it. If its for socail reason tahts fair enough for me.


                    I just cant stand when someone trys to say they are so beast but they wont play with someone because they dont have a mic cause their scared. If its for social reasons thats all good but I cant stand when they act like they player without a mic will mess thier game up.

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                      7. Re: No Mic / No Play ?

                      Holy **** I cant beileve you just said that Bro listen to this..Man ! I wish I could do audio in a video. You know that if your in a lobby, and 3 ready up and you dont, it will put you in the game anyway. It has happened, it had to. LASTNIGHT BRO, I was playin with a dude snoring like a muthafukah on the game. He was a Skull & Knife, so I know the dude could get down, but he was just standing there. Of course we dragged him where ever we were, he would die and just respawn, after  Reviveing him about 6 times I realized, This Mahfukka is knocked OUT !! I mean Snoring loud after a while. This was lastnight as a matter of fact. I could post a vid, but you would just see him there standing not doing anything. He was Misty..man bro Good time, man !!

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                        8. Re: No Mic / No Play ?

                        honestly i almost always have to have someone with a mic no offence to no mics but i usualy back out if either nobody has a mic or peope insult me i usually get bored without someone to talk to. but im sure yall are good i just like to communicate.

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                          9. Re: No Mic / No Play ?

                          It has nothing to do with a superiority complex that us microphone users have over people that prefer to play mute.

                          1. I need to hear you sometimes, despite your knowlege of the game. You get a max ammo and I am not near you, I have no clue to reload, which sucks with guns like the Hammer and the Sliqufier. You have no way of telling me things like "hey I gotta pee" "Hold a zombie while a packapunch please" etc.

                          2. If you dont have a mic I have no clue weather or not you can hear me, I can think of several scenarios where you wouldnt hear what I am saying without a mic pluged in (no volume on tv, screaming kids, living in a frat, playing loud music, etc.) You need to be able to hear me some times, like if I run out of say SVU or AN ammo or need a new tramp or need to piss or what ever.

                          3. Hearing your voice imeadiately answers a few of my questions- a) Your age (I dont play with kids that sound VERY young, nothing personal just never seem to hang around for the high rounds) b) you speak english c) your coherient (as in not drunk or plain slow in the head), with out a mic I have no way of knowing any of these with out sending you a bunch of messages which is rediculous.

                          I am aware you can have a good game with out a mic, it just sucks for the people that are trying to play to put up scores. Hope this helps.

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