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    The reason Chaos moshpit has been removed!

      Hey hey gamers,


      I dont understand why there are SOO MANY threads on here about the Chaos moshpit playlist being removed... i will give you the reason they have removed it..


      we have another map pack coming out soon, next week in fact therfore they have to make room for it so they have taken out the moshpit playlist for that reason... it will be back again just as soon as the DLC playlist is removed...


      So stop freaking crying over something soo freaking stupid,,,

        • 1. Re: The reason Chaos moshpit has been removed!

          Of course I understand it, but for the new maps you have to pay.


          What does that say? Exactly pure moneymaking.


          And what if these new Maps are not that great?


          And what if the new mosh pit is a complete Bs ? No one can tell us.


          Bonus was with about 30k players daily one of the most successful modes, and now they take it away without asking or announcement?


          I think this is just a joke.

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            How is it moneymaking? Those who buy the maps wont have access to the moshpit til its back either, dont be so daft.

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              The 30k players will be back with the new DLC. If anything its a good thing because they gave Nuketown to the general public. Quit crying.

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                ROFL... have you read what your wrote? this is why children should NOT be able to play this game...


                Its obviouse your mummy wont pay for the map pack for you hence why you are crying about it on these forums...

                no matter how much you moan and cry you will NOT make 3arc change there mind about money making so get over it...


                If you go on the XBL dashboard and Search "happy wars" i think this game is more suited for you.


                WAM BAM THANK YOU MAM

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                  But what are you really missing from the Chaos Moshpit?


                  They haven't removed any game modes & maps. You have Nuketown 2025 available on all the playlists.


                  It's no different going into to KC or Dom playlist and voting for any of the maps that were listed in the Chaos Moshpit.

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                    Its not about that, its the fact it was a nice selection of smaller maps AND you get to vote the game type so it keeps switching and didn't get boring. Its been in the game for 5 months there is no logic in removing it now.


                    When Revolution came out, they didn't remove Chaos Moshpit, they just had it along side the Revolution game type.


                    It brought together all the fast paced CQC players and for that I loved it.

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                      What i really miss ? The different game Modes you dont have to switch every single game the lobby or something else. And Moshpit was without Maps like Carrier and Turbine my friends and i hate Maps like that. I dont care about Nuketown !!


                      Yes I do not have to vote for these Maps but unfortunately I'm coming in again and again and then I have to back out and look for a new and ye you know its just annoying.


                      thetizzleguy come on im 19 dont tell me things like that you're really strong behind your game world.

                      so stfu please and keep your stupid comments.

                      • 8. Re: The reason Chaos moshpit has been removed!

                        Your 19? from the crying and ******** i beg to differ your a 19 year old... and your telling me to keep my comments to myself yet your commenting on my post?


                        Holy freaking crap... you must be the dumbest 19 year old EVER!

                        • 9. Re: The reason Chaos moshpit has been removed!

                          OllmeX wrote:

                          I dont care about Nuketown !!


                          You know the only reason why Chaos Moshpit was implemented was to stop players complaining about Nuketown 2025 being removed.


                          Since Nuketown 2025 is now on the regular rotation, the devs probably saw no reasoning to keep it and as thetizzleguy mentioned, the DLC playlist for "Uprising"

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