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    Good Lord it's Friday - Time for a discussion on the search button

      Every time something changes, people want to know what has changed... this is totally understandable.


      What is not understandable is the need to start new threads on top of other threads that talk about the same thing!


      I had some questions about the mirco-dlc.. what did I do:


      - did I make a thread asking questions? NO

      - did I scroll up and down to see if the topic was already discussed - YES

      - when I could not get the specific answer I wanted, did I then start a thread - NO

      - I clicked on the search!

      - Did I get the answer I wanted? no...

      - Did I then start a new thread? NOOOO

      - I looked up and clicked the "NEWS_" link at the top of the page.


      Guess what, I found my answers.


      Some people feel the need to post. That in no way gets your "forum standing" up. Post count means nothing... Intelligent Posting is key.


      happy Friday, and enjoy the 2XP


      (and do no ask when it starts... cause you should already know... or at least know where to get the answer)