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    Another Friday Discussion - Going 2-21... what the hell?

      Yesterday I had one of those games.


      I was playing in a party, and I could not do anything to save my life.


      The funny thing was, the games before I was doing ok, or much better than ok. And the guys I was playing with (G, I/E, H/S, Lady) were doing good (accept for poor Lady who was playing across the pond)


      It made me think about the lopsidedness of the game (which yes has been discussed before), but more importantly about this:


      "When I do well, I do not think much of it, because I was likely on the good side of the fence while the others on the other enemy were screaming about how THEY could do nothing"


      Does anyone ever think about this as well? Some people do consistently well, and some do consistently "meh"


      But what about when you go positive every game, then all of the sudden you have a game where you go seriously negative (like 2-21 in my case). It is a wake up call for me that when I do well... I may not be




      Have a great weekend everyone.


      Actually have a great week... I am going to Mexico on vacation! (been with the same woman for 25 years this year, and she has not thrown me out yet!)