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    Zombie Critics

      No Disrespect to anyone on this forum, but seriously. I see more Criticism then anything. Grammer Nazis, Spelling Bee Champions, and Quite Frankly we got some Zombie playing GODS ! on here. Now I'm not tryin to start nothing, just wanna know. DOES it really bother ya'll that some one might not spell something right. Or doesn't use the right GRAMMAR . if it does matter , WHY ? I can read it. Understand it too, doesn't bother me if someone, doesn't do what I do. what I'm tryin to say is, I thought we were here for zombies. Trade Ideas, swap War stories, Theories..New finds, Opinions ya know sh!t like that. not try and put someone down by making them feel like a dumba$$. I know you gotta Tuff Skin in life. This I know. but this is a Forum Cuzz, not The YARD !! Please if someone has a Question or whatever, and you wanna put your 2 cents in. Why do it and Put him on blast at the same time. Thats not Cool.

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