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    ALL TIME BEST MAP of all time...and why

      This post is to ask players which is their all time fave map from ALL the cod games, but more importantly WHY? This will remind the devs what is most important to players and hopefully help the franchise stay strong over the coming years. For me...mmm...If I could only play one map for the rest of my life...Torn between Overgrown, Yemen and Crash. OVERGROWN for me. Please tell us yours, and WHY?

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          Re: ALL TIME BEST MAP of all time...and why

          Summit, Dunno why it just played so well.

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            Re: ALL TIME BEST MAP of all time...and why

            iw games - crash


            treyarch games - firing range


            but over all crash is my all time favorite map it just works well whatever the game type

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              Re: ALL TIME BEST MAP of all time...and why

              Favela from an IW game


              Firing Range from a Treyarch game


              Reason - It just maps that I would be excited about when it shows up in rotation.

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                Re: ALL TIME BEST MAP of all time...and why

                MW games - Pipeline.

                Treyarch games - Grid.


                Can't really give a reason why but I just really like those maps.

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                  Re: ALL TIME BEST MAP of all time...and why

                  My all time favourite was Carentan from COD 2, it had a mix of all play styles and looked great as well.

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                    Re: ALL TIME BEST MAP of all time...and why

                    Array. *Puts on glasses.* Deal with it.


                    On a serious note though...


                    IW series: Highrise - Mainly for memories and the fun times I had during that games life span...(Afghan is next.)


                    Treyarch series: Jungle.


                    (Going off GW gameplay so the smaller maps I didn't play as much.)

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                      Re: ALL TIME BEST MAP of all time...and why

                      treyarch: Castle or summit(with an olympia and python)


                      IW: overgrown or bloc

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                        Re: ALL TIME BEST MAP of all time...and why

                        IW - Strike

                        3arc - Grid


                        Long sight lines but enough areas for CQC to allow a broad variety of weapons to be used.

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                          Re: ALL TIME BEST MAP of all time...and why

                          wasteland mw2

                          cracked bo1

                          nothing mw3

                          aftermath bo2

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                            Re: ALL TIME BEST MAP of all time...and why

                            Call of Duty 4, Ambush, by along way,  you could climb into or on 90% of the buildings, making the maps much more interactive.  And killing people when they didn't expect anyone to be there was funny as.


                            Infact since Call of Duty 4, i think the maps have stagnated. Stadium is a good example, why can't you get into the stand.

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                              Re: ALL TIME BEST MAP of all time...and why

                              Outskirts WaW mainly because I have great memories. Also big enough for tanks but was also fantastic for SnD without.

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                                Re: ALL TIME BEST MAP of all time...and why

                                IW - Torn between Skidrow and Highrise, in MW2 I used a tactical knife 99% of the time and Skidrow was PERFECT!


                                Treyarch - Firing Range was awesome. (Summit was good too)

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                                  Re: ALL TIME BEST MAP of all time...and why

                                  Mine was grid. I was beast!!!!! Also, that one outside rural map n mw3 that had the cars in the middle and buildings, that was my striker beast of me going off. Oh yeah!

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                                    Re: ALL TIME BEST MAP of all time...and why

                                    MW - Crash

                                    MW2 - Highrise / Afghan

                                    BO - Stadium / Firing Range

                                    MW3 - Village

                                    BO2 - Carrier / Mirage


                                    I like them mainly because of the great memories I made on them.

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                                      Re: ALL TIME BEST MAP of all time...and why



                                      Eder Dam








                                      World At War













                                      Blops 1


                                      Firing range










                                      Blops 2




                                      The Better maps were for sure from the COD4-MW2 games. I think Black ops 1 and 2 had some of the worst maps out of them all and is a shame that i can really only like 5 maps between the 2 games and now 2 of those maps are in the new game anyway.

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                                        Re: ALL TIME BEST MAP of all time...and why

                                        That question is so hard to answer as to me all maps have some appeal and most are very good.


                                        If pressed, I got the most pure enjoyment from Hazard using a suppressed M16 with ACOG.


                                        Long central sight lines flanking, flanking routes, mid map power positions and open B flag with undulating cover, soundscape and mapcolours, made this simple design a satifying map on objective and non objective game types alike.


                                        Jungle would come a close second.



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                                          Re: ALL TIME BEST MAP of all time...and why

                                          I always struggle to answer these questions  because everytime I move on to a new iteration I miss the old maps from the older games.


                                          The first map that comes to mind for IW is Carnival. For being a DLC map I dont ever remember not wanting to play it, though you could easily talk me into any number of maps.


                                          For Treyarch I dont think I can answer. Didnt play WaW on line, sold BO1 too quickly, and BO2 is just still too new to decide.

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                                              Re: ALL TIME BEST MAP of all time...and why

                                              codchanp...nice list. and onemetorule..true answer, that goes for me too. i always seem to miss old maps. Well one things for sure here, cod 4 maps come up a lot, especially crash. I strongly believe the winning formula is 1) easy to navigate. 2) big open site lines with no obstructions. 3) lots of building for team A and building for team B overlooking street pathway scenarioeg CRASH. and 4) a map that accommadates alk play styles inc run n gun and assault/ sniper user.

                                                       Well thanks for your replies guys and heres hoping that call of duty ghosts or mw4 has an old feel to it and becomes a game we can love to the point where we can all actually forget about cod4!

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                                              Re: ALL TIME BEST MAP of all time...and why

                                              MW: Bloc

                                              W@W: Castle

                                              MW2: Favela

                                              Black Ops: Kowloon, or Discovery

                                              MW3: Outpost, or Seatown

                                              Black Ops 2:Drone, or Cargo

                                              Most hated maps

                                              Nuketown, both Dome maps, Terminal, Rust,  and Hijacked.

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                                                Re: ALL TIME BEST MAP of all time...and why

                                                mw: crash

                                                black ops: summit

                                                mw3: mission

                                                black ops 2: raid

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                                                  Re: ALL TIME BEST MAP of all time...and why

                                                  I have all 9 COD's so:


                                                  Cod 1:



                                                  Cod 2:



                                                  Cod 3:

                                                  Eder Dam


                                                  Cod 4:



                                                  Cod 5:



                                                  Cod 6:



                                                  Cod 7:

                                                  Firing Range


                                                  Cod 8:



                                                  Cod 9:


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                                                    Re: ALL TIME BEST MAP of all time...and why

                                                    my all time favortie is Favela from mw2 nothing can beat that  map yo such good memories on that map its a great SnD map to

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                                                      Re: ALL TIME BEST MAP of all time...and why

                                                      I'm going to have to go with the map Raid because it's the perfect map for competitive players. Spawns work well for the three competitve gamemodes and both sides are balanced. It's a clasic three main chokepoint map with enough cover to allow multiple types of engagement from short to long range. It's also a rather colorful map. All together it's just the perfect map.

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                                                        Re: ALL TIME BEST MAP of all time...and why

                                                        Good maps from each game, in no particular order:










                                                        Wet Work



                                                        Modern Warfare 2:


                                                        Sub Base




                                                        Trailer Park


                                                        Black Ops:


                                                        Firing Range






















                                                        The ten best maps in the series (listed in no particular order):


                                                        Overgrown: (CoD4)

                                                        It's a medium sized map that feels larger than it is, with good overview from many positions and has lots of movement options and climbing, despite the good overview.

                                                        You don't ever feel that somebody randomly killed you, because that person actually had to manage to get to you unseen, which is hard if you're a part of a team.

                                                        It has many central positions, and no area feels out of bounds.

                                                        It has "in your face" hiding spots, like under the bridges -- that still are hiding situational hiding spots from enemies running over the bridge.

                                                        The dried up river serves as a third alley, but is mostly used for traversing between the street and farm.

                                                        The Gas Station and Barn are strategic locations -- and the same applies to the four central houses, both the bridges and the dried river itself.

                                                        The field allows you to hide when prone, and even though there's four buildings facing the field, you don't feel that it's an impossible task to clear all those locations and secure the area before defusing the bomb.

                                                        It's just plain and simply a VERY well-designed map.


                                                        Wet Work: (CoD4)

                                                        It challenges conventional map design with it's extremely straightforward design.

                                                        If you want to move from A to B -- you only have one single road to take to get there.

                                                        While 3x frag ruined a lot of the potential of the map, I still love it.

                                                        It was "my team versus their team" -- and there was ONE CLEAR FRONT where we fought:

                                                        They were over there, and we were over here.

                                                        In search and destroy, you could FEEL the tention as you neared the bombsites without spotting any enemies.

                                                        They ARE THERE! THEY MUST STILL BE BACK THERE!

                                                        The map supports ALL playstyles.



                                                        AR-tactical movement.


                                                        Scouting with a sniper.

                                                        True sniping.

                                                        AND STILL -- the spawns were good.

                                                        Even in free for all, it was bearable.

                                                        This is likely one of my favorite all time maps in any game what so ever.


                                                        Vacant: (CoD4)

                                                        It's a map that balances overview and situational awareness with small windows of opportunity:

                                                        You often spot enemies and know where they are or where they are heading -- but you have to outwit them to get the drop on them.

                                                        It's a map that allows for serious mind-games.

                                                        Between the toilets and storage/hallways

                                                        The containers outside

                                                        The car-park and bunk beds

                                                        You seldom feel killed out of nowhere, because you always have some idea where the enemy CAN be -- and only when you face an enemy in one of those three locations do you feel afraid of getting shot in the back, when that enemy slips out of your sights.

                                                        It has some long sightlines, and allows you to control areas with relative ease, while allowing enemies to flank you with reasonable chances of success.


                                                        Encore: (BO2 DLC)

                                                        The best map in BO2 in my opinion.

                                                        The clutter doesn't feel completely out of place, and I appreciate the cover it provides at times.

                                                        It does not dominate the map, but allows for players a chance to move around without getting sniped... by SMGs -- and snipers.

                                                        It's one of the few maps in modern CoD where I don't always feel like a fish leaving the water when walking out of a building, and the overview is good enough to allow you to feel reasonably safe and know where the enemies are.

                                                        Flanking actually requires some skill on this map.

                                                        I love the sightlines, and most of them allows you to walk around ADS-ed without getting sniped from a random window because you're not sprinting around like a headless chicken.

                                                        Which can sum the map up:

                                                        There's no random long range sightlines where you can get randomly shot from, and there's good medium range sightlines where you can have gun on gun combat for once, instead of gun versus back combat like on most maps.

                                                        I remember gun on gun combat.

                                                        It was great fun.

                                                        Why don't the developers want us to have gun on gun combat in face to face encounters?


                                                        Resistance: (MW3)

                                                        It flows naturally, and has long streets, without snipers ever getting extreme advantages.

                                                        It does not contain too much clutter, and there's little to no fog clouding your view.

                                                        There's only two buildinsg, and the center building does get a lot of attention, but you don't get overview from that building, and most of the combat happens in the streets.

                                                        You can choose not to go into CQC, but if you do, and while those areas are cluttered -- they do not make the areas auto-win for shotguns nor SMGs.


                                                        Hazard: (BO1 DLC)

                                                        Little clutter, large and long map.

                                                        Good lines of sight in three main routes along the length of the map, and the most impressive long range view in all of Call of Duty.

                                                        Every place is safe, if you control the area properly and predict enemy movement.

                                                        Failing to predict enemy movement

                                                        The map is a massive improvement from World at War -- where I did not consider it to be a good map.


                                                        Bog: (CoD4)

                                                        A medium sized open and long map that still does not become a sniper fest.

                                                        The hill and bus provides reasonable cover and opportunities for control, and the building and fences on the side allows for SMG-rushing.

                                                        The trench by the fence on the opposite side allows you to crawl unseen from one side of the map to the other.

                                                        The clutter feels natural, and does not look artificial like the clutter does in most newer maps in the newer games.

                                                        Sneaking around this map is a skill, and no matter how good the opponents are, the dim lighting and dark boggy ground in the center allows you to crawl vast distances in the middle of the map without getting spotted.

                                                        All weapons can be used on the map:

                                                        SMGs and shotguns with stealth, and in the buildings, snipers on the longer ranges and from the top of containers and on the hill, in the bus, behind the wall and from the end building, while  AR users can use the containers and vehicles for cover when moving.

                                                        If you flank the enemy, you deserve every second of the confusion and mayham you're able to cause, and on a dark map like this, you can cause a lot of it with a suppressed weapon.

                                                        The spawning made this map great, too. No revenge nor autoflanking spawns.


                                                        Terminal: (MW2)

                                                        I love somewhat realistic locations.

                                                        With the exception of the forced exploding barrels, police cars and gas tanks -- the map has a natural flow.

                                                        Flanking is easier on this map than any other of my favorite maps, but it makes up for the fact with long range indoor combat, and an almost impossible barrier halfway, where a decent team can force the other team out of the terminal.

                                                        Despite the imbalance favoring those already inside, the team outside CAN break through and switch sides.


                                                        Slums: (BO2)

                                                        It's a map that allows for a lot of tactical play and movement.

                                                        It's basically three blocks each with their own centers.

                                                        The building's don't provide much cover nor overview, but can be used to control and limit opponents from accessing your spawn and flanks.

                                                        I don't feel completely helpless with any weapon.

                                                        Sniper rifles can be used from corners of each of the three blocks.

                                                        Assault rifles are likely the best weapons to control the map, like they should be, and you can almost lock down the map if the opponent's don't get creative.

                                                        SMGs and their users' movement speed makes it easy to flank and wreak havoc once you've broken through one of the buildings.


                                                        Derail (and Pipeline): (MW2 (and CoD4))

                                                        These are among the maps with the appearance of greatest sizes in CoD with two facing buildings of considerable size, and are similar enough to be grouped together, because they're functionally similar.

                                                        Trains provide cover so that you can reach the buildings, and there's small outlying buildings protecting the spawns and creating options, with a backlot in the back where nothing happens unless somebody camps there.

                                                        Derail's frozen river and Pipeline's underground passage allows for flanking and provides cover, without dominating the map.

                                                        I mention these two maps because they are large, have few buildings, and are both relatively uncluttered compared to their size.

                                                        They're also somewhat realistic.




                                                        I cannot even begin to rank the maps into a top 5 -- because my top 5 would change on a daily basis and what weapons I use.

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