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    TheEndofTheBeginning - to vets and others



      Anyone who posts here will encounter the following same topics without fail:


      1- I hate campers

      2- Lag comp confusion

      3- Over Powered or Buffed

      4- DLC contract unfairness

      5- Hate on Vets from the forums


      I have dealt with many, and its obvious they are simply looking to rouse you up and possibly get you banned for losing your cool.


      So I have simple question:


      Vets: Does our posts number really matter? Is it not just a sign of consistency?


      Newer threadees: Provide good reason to discuss things, cursing, shouting, insulting, bashing will get you the same response. Intellect, wit, humor, consistency will get you better responses and good buds to play the game with.


      I started posting with a hateful verbatim, I didn't care but after a long three month ban changed to more "roman ways". Cheers....

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