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    MotD makes me physically sick, but one thing I don't like...


      This map is absolutely repulsive and I wish Treyarch never made it. I can't walk in the creepy body room with the washer without wincing because it's just too horrific for me for some reason. The zombies are also really freaky and the atmosphere is really just...dark. Really ******* dark.


      But what I don't like is why is it magically like this? Yeah, these guys just so happened to escape and then BAM, zombies, that doesn't explain where these magical corpses came from or why everything's destroyed. It's almost as if the bodies are just decoration, rather than Alcatraz victims or something. It should have already been like this somehow, just so the atmosphere feels more authentic.


      Treyarch really went all out on this map, didn't they? 10/10