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    The new map pack thoughts


      Encore - Finally a map where assault rifles are almost a must. SMGs tire out quickly in the long range gun fights. I stick with the AN94.

      Studio - I always wanted Firing Range on Ground War, and thank you Treyarch for the second best map from COD BO

      Vertigo - Your usual rushing map with the typical middle, left and right lanes. Meh

      Magma - I haven't had any good experiences with this map. I thought the lava would be a game changer, similar to Hydro's gushing water.


      Of course zombies is extremely good. Best zombies experience so far.


      I honestly wanted to get Jungle from BO1 more than Firing Range though. I miss open assault rifle maps. On Studio, it can be either. I use the Peacekee[er since it's a good mix of them both.

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          My overall thoughts on the new maps are positive as a whole. However, my weekly KD is down by 0.20+ points and my weekly SPM is down by approximately 40 points compared to the week prior to Uprising. I'm a SMG guy when it comes to rushing and I've never been an AR guy on this game. I find the new maps to contain a lot of mid- long range engagements and my SMGs are getting out gunned. There are unavoidable mid-long sightlines on these new maps and I'm not as effective as I was with the original maps.


          I could whip out my LMGs and get my average but I'm bored with them and I keep on experimenting with the ARs since the new maps came out. I'm still on a quest to find the perfect setup for my ARs and I am at a loss. I do believe that these new maps are perfect for the AR guys.

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            Studio and Encore are the only two good maps, Studio is fantastic of course and Encore is pretty solid, despite the stage being completely meaningless.

            Magma is crap, even without the lava flow, its bad. The killing zones are poor and there is no fluidity to team movement at all.

            Vertigo is worse, the spawns are awful, the spawn killing is common, and the headglitching spots and overall clutter on the outside is like a big FU to the community complaints about said headglitching. For HCKC, I put Vertigo right down there with Hydro and Aftermath.

            Havent touched zombies, I hear its better than the existing zombies maps, which takes almost nothing to achieve.

            No weapon is dissappointing, and due to its absence, despite the greatness of Studio, I would place Uprising behind Revolution.

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              I really like the new maps, because they have opened up long lines of sight, which allows us AR and LMG users a chance to stretch our legs. It's also nice to see the action gravitating around the edges of the map as much as it does the center. It also feels like, so far anyway, that the spawns seem to be better in these maps. I'm not getting destroyed from bad spawns constantly.

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                Lol I love smacking smg users on the new maps & hear them whining. Yet these dummies refuse to use anything but a smg on them knowing these maps don't cater to that class type.

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                  My thoughts, amazing, cant find a single fault, visuals look very good and colorful, routes and open spaces are plentiful and they play well on every mode and to top it all off zombies is freaking awesome, stopped liking that mode a long time ago but this has made me fall in love with it all over again, 10/10 for Treyarch

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                    Waited to comment on this one until I had a chance to play each map a few times, unfortunately Magma doesn't really seem to be in the rotation much so not a lot of time playing it aside from Custom Games, so that is where my opinion is formed.


                    Encore- Based on the previews, I was expecting this to be my least favorite map. I was pleasantly surprised however. While it is a circular style map, its not small like I worried it would be. It has a lot of attack routes, good for a tactical mover like myself. Its not a safe haven for campers, most camping spots have multiple attack routes. Having a lot of fun with it thus far.


                    Studio- It's... Firing Range. What else can I say? I love the visuals they added to this map. One of the things I always loved about Firing Range was the diverse range of engagements it provides. In my experience, no two matches are ever the same as people play it so differently. I do feel like some of the sight lines are crisper this time around, making it harder for people to camp. One of my all time favorite maps. I am not a proponent of bringing back old maps, but they did a good job on this one.


                    Magma- Again haven't gotten to play this one online yet, not sure why, but played it several times in Custom Games. I am one of those people upset that there is no Magma Flow. The trailer was somewhat misleading. I am a big fan of interactivity in maps and I think they missed a huge opportunity here.  I do like that there are a lot of hazardous spots, most maps are like a safe haven, it is nice to have an element of danger. Some of the visuals are nice, but the flow of the map (no pun intended) seems odd to me. Too many herky-jerky turns and dark corners. We'll see if my opinion changes after playing it On Line.


                    Vertigo- Meh. Not a big fan of this map. Its one big circle... basically. The inside elements are directionless and boring. I also have to question some of the design choices. Will someone please explain the point of the outside ledge and lower room on the North Side Spawn? Its just a ledge with a room. It is almost as if it were designed specifically as a spot for Boosters. Does it serve some purpose in Objective modes?

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                      I've enjoyed them all but studio is my favorite. Off topic, been playing blops 1 the past 2 days and those maps are superior to blops 2 imo.

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                        Overall I like this DLC better than the first one.


                        Studio- I liked firing range so I like this map.


                        Vertigo- I thought this would be a more vertical map given its name, but it is very horizontal. IT is basically a cirular map with ability to cross center area which is big killing zone. Its average/ok. Don't like it on objective game modes.


                        Encore- second favorite map. The stage is not the big deal they made it out to be. Not a lot of action going on there except in some objective modes where the objective is near the stage. But there is a lot of good action on the outside and lots of ways to sneak around.


                        Magma- I liked it better than vertigo.  Some of the pathways seem awkward and don't flow that well.

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                          Ever since I have downloaded "Uprising", I really enjoyed these new maps (Overall, Studio, Vertigo, Encore, Magma). I think these new maps are really cool.

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                            I was done with this game but thought what the hell...... one last throw of the dice and buy the DLC..A good move in my opinion, I've played more over the last 5 days than I did in the 5 months previous.