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    DMKX Revolution Clan

      Hello Xbox world,


      I am ScorchKnight69 clan leader of the DMKX Revolution clan. We have been here for 3 years now and we are looking for top restricted but very active members. We are a constant Elite squad working every second on new challenges, new matches, even clan tournaments. We have recently even went to MLG on gamebattles.com to start working on even more challenges. We do have a facebook which shows all the rules of our clan and what to expect from us and what we can do for you. We are a funded clan as well where we will  help to support any issues that may come. Rules are on https://www.facebook.com/dmk.black?ref=tn_tnmn in the about area. We are an Elite squad, which means we are a GOLD crew. We are completely strong and dedicated to working on our daily tasks and weekly challenges as well. We help train, practice, and show you new things that can help you out. We do promoting within based on the respect of the players and the fun they show they can have. We are also working on our new shirts the DMKX Revolutions. Our colors are Black and Blue. If you choose to want higher ranking just do what is asked. We will help you get your elite set up if it is not done. Here are some basic rules to make sure you are qualified.

      • Ages 17+
      • Must be an active member
      • Respect the members and DL's you play with.

      Some of the very basics. But to see more please review the FB page with the address I have posted for you to see. You can also write to us on our email at dmkelites@gmail.com for further questioning or interests.


      Any questions or interests just reply below. Or you can message the clan leader ScorchKnight69