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    F! these quitters! Can a brother finish a game!

      Yo! When I say PUNISH these quitters I mean PUNISH them!


      I get it, you quit 1 game for any kind of reason but stay the 2nd and if not derank like 2 or 3 or even more levels!


      I always here people say IT'S JUST A GAME, then what type of game is it if all we have is host migrations to be put back in the lobby!


      I swear this gamer attracks more and more people who belong in the kitchen making me a sandwich to then only be allowed to play Sims 3 or Mario Kart.


      Not only n00bs, the so called "pro's" also! Should see them acting all thought UNTILL!


      I'm playing this game while typing this, it took me 3 games! 1 Game finished and 2 ending with host migrations!


      I mean I never played Halo and Battlefield but is this just a COD thing I mean CODDAMN CAN A BROTHER JUST FINISH A GAME!

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          They will never do deranking based upon quiting. It would upset the major playerbase soo much that it would damage sales of future games. Something they do not ever want to risk doing.


          And it is just a game, stop taking it so serious. It is not a life and death issue.

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              Shut yo S up with it's just a game! No mother father, I paid €40,- for it! It ain't just a game!


              It's a way for me to have fun, release stress, spend time with (online) mates and whatever!


              The smallest things in life you want to do with the most comfort possible! So don't give me that BS!


              And yeah I'm typing in an angry way cos it's realy getting out of control! How I start a game with 5 team members to end up with 3 different ones!?! I mean, so you die end quit!?

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                  It IS just a game and it does not matter how much you paid for it either. We all had to pay for the game, but that does not mean we are special or entitled to have the game play how we want. None of us here are and that includes you.


                  People in this game care too much ahout their stats like k/d so they quit when they die too much either because of lag or other reasons. There is nothing the devs can to to stop it. Not even probation has any real affect on it.


                  Stop making it a life and death issue about how the game plays. You are over stressing yourself out over it and that is not how the game should be played.


                  They will never do deranking based upon players quiting the game. They will never do anything hardher with the quit penalites because of the serious possible negative effects it could have on sales of future titles. They are not going to make the changes just to make players like you happy. You are not speical to them, nor more than I am or anyone else here. So they are not going to change it and risk making even more angrier than it would make happy.

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                Agree its annoying. Seeing it more and more as the years roll by. If a good a rant helps you let of steam happy to listen old mate.



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                  u have to take 2 things in account..


                  1.. the younger generation has been raised, to always get their way, and no matter what they win. Parents give their kids whatever they want. kids now a days do not knwo how to loose, because parents always set their kids up to win no matter what.. so when a kid is losing, he doesnt know how to lose, so he or she quits



                  2.. Treyarch is not the best developers in online gaming.. and naming who is host is not their specialty. i have great internet, and alot of the times would be the best host option in the match, but yet treyarchs programming selects little jimmys moms wireless wifi connection, so whattend to happen is people suffer from lag, and bad hit detection, they get frusterated and leave

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                      Quitting has always been a big part of video games and always will be, new generation or not. At the end of the day, people of all ages ultimately buy video games to have fun. The majority of Black Ops 2 gamers aren't professional gamers, they don't really care what you think about them quitting, and as was mentioned above... it IS just a game. Therefore, don't expect someone's moral compass to apply to some game that has so many issues in and of itself that also contribute to people quitting. Bad connections, broken matchmaking system, cheaters, being dropped into games that are like Rapeville with your team of 3 losing by a huge margin to a team of 6. It's all pretty silly really. If people aren't having fun (which fun being the whole point of playing...) they're going to find another game or do something else entirely. What gets me are the people that repeatedly sit through rapings not really enjoying themselves because it's the "right" thing to do. Folks, this game is silly and certainly isn't real life... and there's definitely no "right" or "wrong." Sorry, but if I'm playing a game and something else comes up (wife, friends, or anything really), I'm going to turn it off and not think twice about you... and I would expect you to do the same. And punishing quitters? Please. Like they're going to care. And if they do, they'll just stop playing alltogether, which definitely isn't what Treyarch wants since they'll be struggling to stay relevant in the next 5 years anyway. Worry about yourselves since that's all you can really do anyway.

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                      As a noob, Host mogration means I killed someone that should probably have killed me first. LMAO

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                        Its called being host sucks...buy a better internet so you can host and stop you're crying