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    Looking For A Good PS3 Clan

      Hey if you are reading this you probably want to add me to your clan. My PSN name is jlamber01 and i am 16 years old and speak English. I have a 1.35 KD and a 305 SPM. I have diamond SMG and play fiarly regularily(I have school). I am level 14 Prestige 5. I like to play Domination, TDM, and Kill Confermed but i will play anything. I enjoy zombies very much and i have the DLC pack, and the personalization packs. I also have my Nuclear.

      I am looking to join an active clan that has fun with the game.

      I hope to play with your clan soon.

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          Re: Looking For A Good PS3 Clan

          x1xhiTTAxQuiTTAs (1hQ) is a new clan thats only at level 5 so far. We play clan challenges everyday and clan ops every weekend . We currently have 14 people and are seeking 4 more. We believe in teamwork and communication so a mic is a must . KD isint an issure. Prefer experianced players as we have 7 masters residing. Most of us quickscopers. Anybodys gamestyle is welcome. As long as you will be willing to help out in the daily challenges and competitions and do your part in helping the team progress. We have unlimited potential , skillfull players , every kind of gamestyle within the roster, and are starting to get used to each other and familier with how everyone operates and plays.  Thats how we roll! Playing everyday isint a must ( life is more important!!! ) but you must be an active player ! If your interested you can apply and check us out at https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/7513802

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            Re: Looking For A Good PS3 Clan

            hey i am a member of KuSh clan and we would like if you tryed out just send me your psn and a time you can play to try out. we would like to know if you full or snipe or both and if you have a mike or not if you would like to try out plese reply and if you have any qustions please ask!!!!! hope to hear

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              Re: Looking For A Good PS3 Clan

              Hey Jiamber,

              I am with CcGx ( Come Correct Gaming ) . We are a clan that are looking forloyal members and members who like to get together and game and have a laugh.


              *We have a vast amount of players that are from EU, USA and everywhere in between (I think we may have a player from Australia I am not sure)


              *We have 200+ gamers already, why not you? And for all you female gamers out there we need more of you cause our few females players need people to talk to

              *At anytime 10-20+ gamers are always on Xbox Live

              *Our leaders will be able to help you out with any questions

              *Our chat box is full of fun and no one knows what goes on in there

              *In chat box you can always ask questions and our players will answer them for you

              *All games are welcome here, we are not just a BO2 clan, there are some halo fans, and many other game fans


              **Note: K/D, SPM, age (must matain maturity). All these things do not matter. We are looking for players that want to play laugh and have fun but when time comes get ready and play smartly  and win!


              PS3 Players Please Read: We do play all PS3 games so dont you worry we got it all covered

              **Note: we do have less PS3 players than Xbox players but we are slowly closing up that gap. I wish to bring this up now incase your shocked if you choose to go to our site and see the difference. I do hope that it does change your choice but its up to you I can not say what you wish to do

              **All PS3 players have a small blue PS next to their name

              **FairMadian is in charge of the PS3 section, just ask for her (she is a girl)


              *We play all game types  core and hardcore .


              *We also have a competitive side which play on gamebattles , autumn forge, league play and clan v clan scrims . We also will have interclan tourneys and reward winners with Microsoft points.


              *If looking for a clan with good people and good times you should swing by our forums and take a look .

              *Fill out an application and we can get this party started !!!

              *Our new designed site is www.ccggaming.enjin.com

              *We have a Facebook set up

              *Soon we will have a youtube channel so we can show our games and not just BO2 all games are played


              *Message me or add me on XBL - WillyWooTang

              *Thanks for your time

              *Please state that I WillyWooTang recruited you if you choose to join!

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