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          Re: Looking to Join a PS3 Clan

          wanna join my clan i'm 16 too

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            Re: Looking to Join a PS3 Clan

            How many members in your clan and do u have mics

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                Re: Looking to Join a PS3 Clan

                some have mics some don't i got one but don't use it

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                  Re: Looking to Join a PS3 Clan

                  Hey players,

                  I see you all are looking for a clan to join, we are ~CcGx~ Come Correct Gaming. I also see you are all PS3 players and that is awesome! We are always looking for more PS3 players. As of right now we have 200+ gamers and there is always are 10+ gamers online, so you will never play alone. At this time we are ranked 3rd best BO2 clan in the world!!! Click ME




                  No age

                  No mic its ok just promise you will get one soon.


                  What we do require:

                  Just be mature, if you have a problem please bring it up with an admin and make a meeting so you two can yell at each other with an admin presant.


                  PS3 Players Please READ THIS:

                  ** I bring this up so if you choose to go to our site its not a surprise thing, we do have both PS3 and Xbox players. At the moment we are trying to recruit more and more PS3 players cause we do have more Xbox players. I hope that by me telling you this it does not change your desicion, I hope by me telling you this you can see who we are, as a mature clan that respects its players and other players.


                  If you choose to look:

                  Our new site is ccggaming.enjin.com

                  We do have a Facebook

                  And soon we will have a youtube set up so we can post all of our clan matches and other matches to


                  Thanks for your time and everything. If you are intersested/ have questions please message me on this site or stop by our site to look around and have fun!

                  WillyWooTang aka Cj

                  PS: my fingers are tierd from typing all this, I dont do copy/paste stuff anymore to me its more of a player to player thing when things are done like this.

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                  Re: Looking to Join a PS3 Clan

                  Console  ARMY is looking for like minded gamers to join us. We are an organized  group with a website for our community. We are also a registered Top 100  Clan. Must be 15 or older, be mature, and have a mic. If interested  please visit http://www.consolearmyhq.com/ for more information. Tell them HOUSTON sent you.



                  A little more information:


                  We have game nights where we get together and play public lobbies

                  We have 3 Battalions

                           1st Battalion The Americas

                           2nd Battalion Europe

                           3rd Battalion Australia

                  We support both XBOX and PS3 versions of Black Ops 2

                  We have 400 members within the three Brigades

                            CoD Brigade (Call of Duty Black Ops2) (7 squads)

                            BF Brigade (Battlefield 3) (12 Squads)

                            Mercs Brigade (HALO 4) (2 squads)



                  What Console ARMY has to offer:



                  Online Community






                  Posted Image

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                    Re: Looking to Join a PS3 Clan

                    Hey dude!


                    Take a look at my clan, Elite Rebellion.


                    Elite Rebellion is a clan that uses and teaches military tactics on war games.


                    We offer you a relaxed family atmosphere, in-clan games and competitions, an active community, our training system and the completely unique games you will experience every day/night you play with us.


                    Our peak time is between 8pm to 2am every day/night.

                    This doesn't mean you have to play at this time, it just means this is the time you'll find the majority of the clan playing.


                    To join, simply send me a message or a friend request on the PlayStation Network.

                    My PSN ID: JokesOnMe


                    - Must be over 18.

                    - Must have and use a working headset/microphone.

                    - Must be willing to learn.


                    Please also check our YouTube channel and be sure to subscribe for more videos!

                    Also take the time to sign up to our clan on ELITE to make everything official.

                    All the links you need are below.


                    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/eliterebellionclan


                    ELITE: https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/5209166


                    Recruitment Thread: http://www.callofduty.com/message/414306093#414306093


                    Thankyou for reading this message and we will hopefully see you in our ranks!

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                      Re: Looking to Join a PS3 Clan

                      Who is Wizard Gaming, and what do we do?


                      Wizard Gaming is an new gaming community focused on Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, but we are open to lots of other games as well competition as well as public matches


                      Wizard Gaming is now opening recruitment for intelligent gamers looking to contribute to our community.


                      -Not hardcore? Not a problem!-


                      We understand your real life obligations. From devoted students, to seasoned business, military, and media professionals, Wizard Gaming isn't your average team. Real life comes first, but that doesn't mean we don't give every minute of play our best effort. Come when you can, and game hard!


                      We would like to encourage you to apply, regardless of your real-life schedule concerns, as a "member" on our website!, chat with a group of gamers interested in improving themselves.


                      -Want to lead? Want your voice heard? The opportunities are here!-


                      Wizard Gaming understands your need to be heard, and we provide open, effective leaders who don't get off on abusing their power. As you advance as a gamer, we're happy to see you advance as a leader. Our community members are valued, and we want them to know that every time they log in.


                      ~APPLY TODAY!!~




                      -Make sure you tell them i recruited you on your application! -


                      (wolfgirl0125) we are a ps3 based clan


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