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    Extensive Lag last few days?


      Anyone else notice it or is it just me?


      This isn't the couple of games here and there lag - this is freaking out, skipping around, sliding, warping, no hitmarker (like always) kind of lag.

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            Yup - going on 2 weeks for me. Definitely not the same experience as before 2 weeks ago.


            Nothing's changed on my end except I doubled my internet speed. Did nothing.


            Lag, parties breakup when you back out, instakills, no hitmarkers, dropping dead before your enemy appears, enemies appearing out of no where (not from spawn), everyone river dancing across the screen, etc, etc, etc.

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                if this is the case! well done activision for NOT promoting the game and peeing people off with your pi$$ poor service! the kids want downloadable content and you brush them off so they have stopped playing your game which effects us all, even the ones who dont want add on content or whom are not in the bit RRRsed!!! so now it's hit and hope if this game will be playable??


                As you would say! nothing to see here move on, no comment at this time! THERE will be no comment right up to the point Ghosts is released and then the topics will be:


                1) Is this coming to Wii u as it's only been annouced for ps360

                2) if it comes to wii u will it have DLC!


                I'm self employed and if I treated my customers as you treat yours i would be at the back of the dole que waiting to pick up money to live as my clients would have rightly gone somewhere else! shame you dont show the same respect as smaller devs whom communicate with their clients! even EA through criterion were honest and said add on content will only come if the numbers (sales) warrant it! at least they tell us rather then keeping us in the dark.


                I'll calm down now at least I have other games to keep me happy! anyone tried the Free multiplayer for Rayman?? its a lot of fun i must say..

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                  Of course doubling your internet speed didn't do anything. The solution is to move closer to all the players! Distance is the cause for lag, not internet speed! You need to move to somewhere like New York, so that you always find a 4 bar host (except in obscure gamemodes). Just ask nintendont, he loves it. 4 bar TDM against kiddies that don't know how to hold the controller all day long.

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                  The playerbase is dropping out and the hosts cant be found, so your playing more and more in ugandan dialup

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                    Noticed it yesterday for the first time in months. Wasn't just me as everyone in my party was suffering to some degree.