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    The Knee Jerk reaction that 3ARC fixed: The Panic Knife

      From another post - I was inspired to start a discussion for those who are newer to COD (esp those who started in MW3 and moved to BO2 and liked to knife)


      The Panic Knife - analogous to the Knee-Jerk


      While playing the game, often people get surprised when they run into someone who they did not expect to see. This often causes them the clench the controller in a "knee-jerk" reaction (often crushing the analogue stick).  In previous games, there was a lunge to the knife attack.  Because of these two things a player would inadvertently knife a player when surprised.


      This involuntary attack was deemed to be BS as the player should not be able to win gun fights by accident with a knife.


      3ARC solved this by removing the lunge when you did not have the knife pulled out before the attack.  Some say they broke it.. better, more expereienced(?) gamers know they fixed it.


      edit:  the post that was the inspiration (http://community.callofduty.com/message/414375641#414375641)