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    In which COD were / are you the best!?

      I would say BO1, not only wasn't it hard at all for me to get blackbird within a minute if not 30 seconds.. I mostly managed to carry the team, my map knowledge is beyond stupid, I could use anytype of gun (except snipers) and I would still beast and it wasn't that much of a big deal coming into the game late to reverse everything!


      I'm now with BO2 at the side lines, I'm not the blackbird, swarm / dog type of player. To be honest, it's to hard, and for my playstyle it isn't fun. I go with UAV, counter and lightning strike. My k/d therefore is low, like 2.5

      My mapknowledge isn't there yet and for sure I'm not the one who mostly carry the team, I'm not there yet.


      As for other COD's, BO1 really did it for me thanks to Youtube to be honest. I was beasting in WAW, but looking back at it if I had the experience I had now!!!

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          MW3 easy, there was a **** ton of crap to abuse on that game even a noob could get a stealth, so for players like me that wern't half bad you could really screw with them

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            Are you playing objective gametypes?


            My best game was probobly Modernwarfare 1, then black ops, then modernwarfare 3, then 2, then black ops II.


            I was unstoppable in MW1. Black ops was also a beast, calling in multiple chopper gunner/dogs/blackbirds. Modernwarfare 3 brought specialist bonus, which when I got it with the silenced mp7 I was UNSTOPPABLE, getting multiple nukes a domination game.

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              I am playing my best in this game. I just started fps games bout 6 months into bo1. I had a wopping .82 in that game, a 1.1 in mw3 and now I have a 1.66 in bo2. I have finally got map awareness and accuracy is getting better every day. Now I just need to win more gunfights and my game would be complete. My reflexes aren't what they used to be so I have changed my playstyle to use an ar and attack from mid-range and try to stay away from extreme cqc when I can because in this game I find it harder since the players move so fast. I'm happy with my 1.66 because I realize how far I have come and the fact that I run support streaks and pto always. If I ran lethals I would probably have more kills.

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                MW2 (lowest k/d) was the COD i had the most fun on with BO1 (highest k/d) close behind it.

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                  I have been very consistent through the years


                  COD3 50,000 kills and about 4,000 wins

                  COD4 1.50 K/D 1.50 W/L 70,000 kills

                  waw   1.70 K/D 3.50 W/L 110,000 kills

                  MW2  1.50 K/D  6.00 W/L 120,000 kills

                  Blops  1.60 K/D  7.00 W/L 20,000 kills---Hated this game

                  MW3  2.15 K/D  11.00 W/L  95,000 kills

                  Blops2  1.80 K/D 3.50 W/L 38,000 kills

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                    My K/Ds haven't been the best really in any, but as far as helping the team, winning, outsmarting opponents, etc., I'd say Call of Duty 4 and this one. In Call of Duty 4 I would look forward to the opportunity to have to take out 5+ enemies alone if my teammates died in Search. I still do enjoy the opportunity but especially back then. I think this one, with league play and even some GB matches, I'd probably be better able to compete with the better players overall, with more refined tactics, better aim and reflexes, line of sight recognition, etc. Black Ops 1 was awesome too but I didn't play it as much when it came out because I was living in a dorm and couldn't play online lol

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                      PS to the OP, I like how you call your 2.5 KD "low" lol It's not just you that does that but many others, even though they know that's a good KD, it may not be a 3 or 4.0 but its still good, but they'll try to act like its bad and it kind of comes across like they (not you) are bragging about a K/D in some underhanded way. It's like Tom Brady saying "I only threw for 5 TDs that game? That's terrible" haha