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    Bots for Vacant Players

      Sometimes you can't find a game. Sometimes it takes 30 minutes to find one and then the lag is so heavy you quit.


      Why not start the friggin' game with bots and let players come into the games naturally. When the player is loaded the bot dies and the real player spawns.


      The problem with no one playing Headquarters, Hardpoint, FFA, Demolition, etc. - or any of the games really - is it's tough to find a lobby. Oftentimes they don't exist - no players anywhere. Instead of waiting around in a lobby by yourself - the system should spawn with bots and get the game going! At least there would be a game in progress someone else could lobby into.


      Spawn with a random assortment of bot difficulties.

      Don't allow the players to get recordable XP for bot kills.


      It would be better than waiting in a lobby growing old.