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    Reaper Gaming

      Yo,  we are Reaper Gaming! If you're looking for a  clan which is like a  brotherhood but also has a competitive side, then  this is the clan for  you. We are a not only a group of friends; we  consider each other  brothers and sisters. We are looking for people who  are fun to game  with and you dont have to be good as long as you are a  team player! If  you're a competitive player who lives for the win then  you'll fit right  in as we have a section dedicated for full out  competitive play but if  you play to have fun don't think twice about  joining us as we have  gamers just like you! Our members are  down-to-earth, chill people who  just play for fun! Reaper Gaming, is the result of the merger between  two great clans, and now we are  stronger than we have ever been. . We  are well rounded clan  and cater to everyone and anyone! You'll miss out  on a huge opportunity  if you don't apply, so do it now! You won't  regret it!

      We are currently accepting Call of Duty players and Battlefield 3 players.


      ~ 16+

      ~ Mic (Communication is key when getting to know each other)

      ~ Active on our site (We have put countless hours to provide an outstanding website)

      ~ Team Player

      ~ K/D doesn't matter (Just be a team player!)

      ~ Good attitude

      ~ Fun to game with

      ~ Needs to be okay with vulgar language

      What we have to offer:

      ~ Active Leaders

      ~ Ranked members specialized to help with different problems

      ~ Gamers from around the world

      ~ Maintained, organized forums

      ~ Advancement opportunities

      ~ Fun family community


      ~ Level 50 MW3 and Level 32 BO2


      ~ Compete in all clan op challenges


      Look forward to seeing you there