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    Looking for BO2 players!

      Well today a friend and I were thinking to fill up our online chat with Black Ops II players to discuss tactics, strategies or just about whatever you want.

      This chat will have BO2 players in them so you guys can add people and make friends. It's not a strict chat, you can swear if you want, but just don't do it excessively! Don't spam the chat.

      In this chat, you will be able to meet other PS3/360 players.

      Don't start a "Console War" sounding noobish or you will be banned at the chat!


      How to work the chat:

      1. Click on the top pawn on the chat, type a USERNAME you would want (Preferrably your PSN or GT)

      2. You can change picture of your profile with a photobucket picture or just a default picture

      3. Type a message under the chat and press ENTER or click on the arrow on the left of "Sign Out"


      The chat has multiple components, you can get nameglow by buying with real money...

      But the chat is FREE

      Pawns on the right indicate who is online (Red pawn means offline)



      If you want to join a clan


      My friend there "Ronnie" on the chat decided to make a 360 version of the clan "The Most Wanted" if you're interested in joining, check in the chat and if he is online, message him on the chat! (Instant chat)

      Clan was originally named 2PRO for [PS3] being led by me, and being ranked #1 on callofduty.com for weekly TOP KDRs screenshot of proof:



      The PS3 version of the clan will come in around a month or 2, but it is encouraged to come to the chat and talk to others! At times the chat may be empty, so don't stress. Wait for others to come on or come back a few minutes later!


      Our website:  TheMostWantedx.weebly.com    [Different game website, but has chat, COD website will come soon!]