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        I'm not sure RDJ's Tony would really fight for leadership.  He'll definitely give Cap a hard time and ignore orders, but I don't think Tony would want to be the one giving out orders and rallying the team.  He'd just tell everyone to figure out what to do while he does his own thing.

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          I'm not sure he'd want to be giving everyone orders about what to do, either, I guess.  You do see him defer to Cap in Avengers by asking Cap to give orders to everyone.  But, I think his ego might make him think that he should be "allowing" Cap to give orders like that because he's really the most important member of the team.  After all, he's the one confronting Loki in Stark Tower, and he's probably going to be the one basically funding the team in the next one, I'd bet, since I don't think they'll be backed by SHIELD in the next one as much. 

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            Yeah, the way the first one ended and the big A being left on Stark Tower it definitely leans toward the Avengers going solo for the sequel, which I think they should be.  I think Tony will happily deal with the press and accept the praise, and I think the rest of the team would be more than happy with that (assuming Tony doesn't screw it up with an unfortunate comment, haha).  He'll tease Cap about being the one funding the team just to give him a hard time, but his ego isn't as bad as it once was and he'll adjust to being in a team.

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              Not only the A on the tower, but there's also Fury's comments about how they'll just come back if they need them to, not by him bringing them together again.  And I'd bet they won't be too happy with Fury manipulating them, especially if we get something related to Coulson's mysterious survival.  Oh yeah, his ego definitely isn't the same, but I don't see him exactly being willing to be ordered around by Cap or anything.  And, in a lot of ways, Cap still isn't the experienced, commanding presence he normally is.  It still feels like he's coming into his own as Cap and is still learning what it's all about.  Maybe it's just because Evans is younger than most of the other actors (I think). 

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                They weren't too happy about Fury hiding secrets about wanting to use the Cosmic cube to create weapons either.  The Coulson situation would make em even more mad, though it aint like Fury was ever really in control of them.  They joined together at the end because they wanted to, not cause Fury made em.  Evans is about the same age as Hemsworth, so I don't think its an age situation.  I think part of it is that Cap1 largely revolved around Cap as the little guy rather than the leader and in Avengers he just woke up so he's feeling lost and not in the position to lead.

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                  Yeah, they weren't even really controlled by SHIELD in the end of Avengers, so there's no way SHIELD's gonna have any real say in what they're doing in the second movie, I'd assume.  Though the fact that it looks like Cap's gonna be working with SHIELD a lot in his new movie makes me wonder what the relationship between the Avengers and SHIELD is gonna be like.  Ruffalo and RDJ are definitely older than Evans, though, and I'm not really sure about Renner or Johansson.  Cap still feels like a young Cap, though, since he's only had the one movie, and he spent most of that time really becoming Captain America. 

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                    Yeah, I think Cap will be joining with SHIELD cause he doesn't have much of a choice at this point.  Widow is still SHIELD too, but I'm curious if Hawkeye will stay with SHIELD or if he'll quit out of guilt over what he did while brainwashed by Loki?  It'd probably be hard to face the other agents after killing a number of em when he led an attack on the helicarrier.  Renner is early 40's.  Hemsworth, Scarlet, and Evans are all late 20's.  Not sure how old RDJ and Ruffalo are, but I think they're mid 40's or so.

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                      Oh don't get me wrong, I absoutely loved the action in The Avengers (which reminds me, I need to watch it again) 


                      Jeremy Renner - 42

                      Chris Hemsworth - 29

                      Chris Evans - 31  (almost 32)

                      Scarlett Johannson - 28

                      Robert Downey Jr. - 48

                      Mark Ruffalo - 45


                      Speaking of reacasting (in the IM3 thread).......Marvel may run into some speed bumps with the cast of Avengers 2 over payment. 

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                        That's a shame, hopefully everything gets sorted out.  I can understand the actor's wanting to get a bit more cash when RDJ is earning 50 mil, but then when I read phrases like "They only got a 500K raise!" I lose a little bit of sympathy, haha.  But I think we will see the cast come back, since I'm sure I'm in the minority that wouldn't care if they recast everyone as long as the replacements played the characters just as well.

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                          That's a pretty awesome article, Jad.  Thanks for posting it! 


                          I really hope they get everyone back for the movie, though I know the cast won't stay together forever.  RDJ obviously makes a ton more than everyone else, so it seems strange for them to pay some of the others what they do, especially when the franchise is making so much money.  Of course, they're all making plenty of money, but they're not really getting their fair share of it, it sounds like.  I'd like to avoid recasting anyone, though there's obviously some characters that it matters more for than others.  I'm kind of ok if they replace Renner and basically start over with Hawkeye, but they better keep Ruffalo around! 

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