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        For me, the one I'd least like to see them replace is Chris Hemsworth as Thor.  Not only does he play the part really well, but he looks it.  The guy is friggin huge.

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          But Ruffalo is awesome!  Hemsworth is a pretty awesome Thor, though, so he's definitely not one I'd want to be replaced.  Too bad he's supposedly one of the cast members with the  biggest problems right now. 

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            Hemsworth really hasn't done anything before or after Avengers to give him much pull, though.  Before Thor he was on like soap operas and the only hit post-Thor was Snow White.  Everyone else has a much better resume, though he's definitely got the hardest job maintaining the massive Thor muscles.  Ruffalo was good, though not my favorite of the bunch.  Hopefully he gets his own Hulk movie/show to star in at some point.

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              Yeah, the fact that he hasn't done much else doesn't help him.  That's probably why Marvel feels like they can afford to play hardball with him in negotiations.  A Ruffalo Hulk movie would be so cool, though right now it seems like there's not much for him to actually do in his own movie.  He has the Hulk under control right now, for the most part, though that might change  with Avengers 2.

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                That's true, I don't think they've done a Hulk movie where Banner was so in control of the Hulk as Ruffalo is.  It would be cool if they could do something like EMH with Hulk and Banner talking to each other.

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                  Doing anyting like EMH would be awesome.  Which reminds me that the Avengers Assemble cartoon has a 1 hour preview in a couple weeks, actually.  But, getting back to the topic, it'll be interesting to see what they do with Hulk/Banner in Avengers 2, actually, since the worries about him not being in control aren't really there anymore.  Banner's gotta finally have a different issue in a movie for the first time!

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                    Yeah, and I've seen some of the pictures they've been releasing.  Some of it looks good, but the most recent picture didn't look all that great.  I guess we'll get to see for ourselves in a few weeks, but it's gonna be hard to beat the awesome of season 1 EMH.  Unless Wanda uses her powers to make Banner unstable?  But I kinda hope they don't go that route after Loki tried to that, albiet a bit more indirectly.  I just don't want to see every Avenger movie have "And then the villain made Hulk go crazy", ya know?

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                      I haven't really been paying that much attention to it, so my hopes for it are kept in check.  It's tough to see it being EMH awesome, especially with some of the strange character/cast choices.  Like using Falcon as the "new guy."  Or having Laura Bailey play Black Widow.  It's like they said, "Let's find the voice actress who sounds least like Black Widow of anyone in the whole world and cast her."  Also, Hawkeye has the movie costume, except they add the lame sunglasses of his current comic costume to make it even more lame. 


                      Yeah, I really want to see Hulk/Banner have a different story arc than the usual one.  It's been done way too many times, and it'd be nice to see him advance beyond that now.  And it's not like Hulk's stronger than the villain this time, if it's gonna be Thanos, so there's no need for them to trick him now. 

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                        Isn't Laura Baily the voice of Widow in Marvel Heroes?  I think she was the voice of Widow in the Iron Man technovore anime, though I don't remember much about how she sounded.  It's his modern costume, so it's a bit more purple than his movie costume, though there isn't a whole lot of difference between the two.  At least we got the classic look in EMH!


                        It did seem like Hulk was a bit more intelligent than usual at the end.  He saved Iron Man, after all, and we heard how he steered himself to land in an abandoned building after jumping out of the helicarrier.

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                          I don't think so, though I don't have a list or anything of the voice actors.  If she is, then I take back what I said because she's clearly a way more talented and versatile voice actress than I ever knew.  Widow in Marvel Heroes doesn't sound anything like what Bailey normally sounds like, so that'd be pretty impressive if that is her.  He's got more of a red in the costume for the show than he does in his comic costume now, though, so it's more like a cross between the movie and comic one, I think. 


                          Yeah, Hulk definitely seemed smarter, though he never did talk in the movie.  I wanna hear Hulk talking about how he's the strongest one there is!  I think they figure a lot of people couldn't take him seriously like that, though. 

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