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        Well she is pretty young but is supposed to be very talented. She is pale so she could play an eastern eurpean looks wise. If they go that route although I guess they don't have to since they cannot mention Magneto in the Avengers movie because of those silly rights things, lol.

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          I heard that she'll be using a British accent which is part of Europe, but not Eastern European, haha.  I'm sure they will be from Europe though since Whedon has said he wants Avengers: AoU to be more global than the first movie.  I don't think it'd be the same if they just made Wanda and Pietro from the States.

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            Yeah but with not tie to Magneto they could do anything they want. I wish they made them eastern european like their father and I don't know about a british accent for Wanda and Pietro that would be weird, "I say dear chap please move while I hex you" lol. I guess we will see.

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              Haha, I wouldn't say they could do anything.  It's not like Magneto is the be-all, end-all of the Maximoff twins.  It wasn't even established that he was their biological father until well after they left the Brotherhood and joined the Avengers.  They can easily just go with Django and Marya Maximoff being the twins biological parents instead and it wouldn't change too much outside the Daddy issues.  Pietro is still gonna be overprotective and haughty and Wanda would still be empathetic and kind.

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                I do love a good British accent, though I'm not sure it makes sense to change that aspect of their characters, too.  There's no reason they can't be from eastern Europe.  It's not like it'll make or break the movie, of course. I mean, we all got over Widow not having a Russian accent.  I think...


                We'll have to see what they actually do with Wanda and Pietro.  It sounds like all we've really heard is what they're not doing so far. 

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                  It might be that Elizabeth Olsen can't do a decent Eastern European accent so they decided British was "close enough".  I hope that isn't the case since I'm sure there's plenty of voice coaches that could help her learn it and if she can't learn it, why wouldn't you cast someone that could?  Hell, cast Tatiana Maslany, she was awesome doing all the different accents on Orphan Black!  And I still wish we could've got Widow with a Russian accent, dammit, haha.  Scarlet did a great job in Avengers though and at least we got her speaking in Russian!


                  I'm actually surprised we've heard as much information as we have.  We know who will likely be Wanda and Pietro, Clint will have a beefy role that explores his character more, no Hank Pym, no Vision, Ultron will likely be Tony's project, Hulk will have a significant role, it'll be more global, the official name, and that it'll likely start filming this March.  Compare that to Ant-man, where we aren't even entirely sure which  Ant-Man it'll be, and that comes out just a few months after Avengers 2.

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                    I don't think Whedon or anyone making the movie is just gonna call an accent close enough.  That sounds like something you say when you're stocking shelves at a grocery store, not making a movie.  It's not like it's difficult to get someone who can do the right accent, so I'm sure there's some reasoning behind it.  Haha, I thought you were gonna say you wanted a Russian accent for Widow!  It definitely would've been awesome, though I'd say Widow was still one of the highlights of the movie anyway.  Maybe not as awesome as Hulk/Banner was in the movie, but definitely pretty cool.


                    It's not that we don't know anything about it, and it is kinda surprising that we know Ultron is the big villain already.  I thought they'd wait to announce something like that.  But it's kinda funny that most of what we know is from knowing something isn't true.  We know Vision won't be in it. We know Hank won't be in it.  We know Clint's role isn't supposed to be as bad as the first movie.  We know Wanda and Pietro won't be related to Magneto or be mutants. 

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                      As far as Widow's accent as a trained spy she would have been taught ot speak a non accented english so I dont have a problem with it. I know in the cartoons they generally give her a russian accent but in the comics does it make it clear that she speaks with a russian accent.? That would kind of be a dead giveaway for a spy to be speaking with a heavy russian accent, lol.


                      With a name like Maximoff it seems silly to be speaking in a british accent, but if they do it well I will be fine with it. There are a lot of ways they can go with the film but I have no doubt it will be awesome.

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                        @Iron - I don't think there really is such a thing as being accent-less, but I imagine Natasha would be able to fake a number of accents.  I think her natural way of speaking would be with a slight Russian accent since that's where she's from, but the cartoons have largely shown her to speak with an American accent, though those are post-IM2 where Scarlet's Widow was undcover as an American.  EMH did have her slip into a Russian accent occasionally though.  I can't remember the comics ever mentioning her having an accent.


                        @Rogue - You say that, but there's plenty of bad movies based on comics...But I would think Marvel is better than that despite what they did to Mandarin in IM3.


                        I think we could learn a lot more stuff at NYCC since they'd be pretty far into pre-production by then.  It'd be awesome if we could see some concept art of Ultron, I really hope they don't try to reinvent his look.  Ultron looks awesome without any fiddling needed.

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                          Well it looks like Marvel found their Ultron. Seems like a good choice.  I wonder if he will just do the voice or also be involved in motion capture.

                          I hope they don't mess too much with Ultron's look as well, Hawk. They have done a fairly good job with keeping true to appearances found in the comics (although I know you would probably point out Hawkeye on that one!)

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