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    My thoughts on the Quickscoping Hate


      Wall-of-text warning!!!!


      DISCLAIMER: this is just MY thoughts, which are not always correct


      A couple of threads have inspired me this morning.


      Quickscoping... Cheap or not and is it cheating?



      Definitely not cheating




      It is the game that allows one to do it. And a lot of people like to do it so they allow one to do it (otherwise the game would not sell enough).


      Not going to say cheap, or trolling or whatever... The only thing I do not like is that it allows someone who should rightfully be losing a gun fight to be able to win it.




      Person A sees person B 1st

      Person A shoots at person B 1st


      Both person A and B are very skilled with good accuracy, capable of centering targets before ADSing


      Person B is using an AR/SMG/LMG/shutgun (at range) - he dies (as it should be)

      Person B is using a sniper - he kills person A (complete BS)


      If person B sees person A 1st (or at least shoots 1st) and person B is a quickscoper:





      Quickscoping is a legit part of the game.


      So was:


      - deathstreaks

      - 2nd chace/Last Stand/Final Stand

      - Nukes

      - MOABs

      - Model 1887s

      - MP40s

      - Dual Bands

      - Target Finders

      - Commando

      - Heart Beat sensors

      - etc etc etc etc


      Just because they are in the game, does not make them balanced/non-cheap.


      The problem is: people pick and choose what they see as cheap vs non-cheap, forgetting the underlying fact that they all fall into the same bucket:


      Exploiting cheap tactics put into the game to please the masses who do not wish to have gun on gun battles.


      But Qcsoping takes skill, if you do not think so try it yourself!


      Not going to argue... but the question I have is: what is the skill?


      The only "skill" in it is having a decent perception of screen centering.  To be able to place a target in the center of the screen... and we all should know by now that when you 1st ADS/Scope in the gun will be 100% on target until idle sway kicks in. If you fire at that point with a OHK weapon, you will be awarded with a kill.  The issue is: with a sniper, there is no limit to the range.


      Proof?  Did you try Quickscoping in BO1 before they took out with random idle sway?  How much skill did it take then?  You could not do it. Why?


      Because the game did not allow you to do it. The game mechanics made it so you could not quick scope no matter how good you were.  So why can you do it now?  Because the game mechanics are allowing you to do it. 


      Again... not arguing whether or not it "takes skill"... but realize that no matter how "good" you are, the game allowing you to do it couple with said skill is what makes quickscoping possible.




      The game is supposed to be fun, and having quickscoping part of the game makes it a lot of fun (and even a challenge) for some.  The hate, I think, comes from the fact it ruins the fun for others who are choosing to not use a sniper rifle (either because they do not wish to, or can't... the reason is not what is important). What is important is:


      - it diminishes the variety of the game to the point that everyone either feels they need to use a sniper to compete, or makes classes to overcome it instead of just playing the game.


      It is like when someone is running around with a shotgun and doing well with it: ever notice how more and more people in the match start using them? Same can be said about the need to run tac mask (because of the shock charge usage), or cold blooded (because of the TF usage).


      Your thoughts!?


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