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    Mlg players ruin zombies

      I love challenging ...I also love having fun...but the zombie team sucks at balance IMO... Zombies should be more fun then challenging but since there's ranks now all the mlg **** want more difficult maps which take away the fun stuff like traps and wonder weapons...I like the old zombies better

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          Jsweis69 wrote:


          Mlg players ruin zombies


          ...for you.

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            2. Re: Mlg players ruin zombies

            Most of your "MLG"  (wanna be lol) type players are the ones pub stomping in Grief.

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              3. Re: Mlg players ruin zombies

              The old Zombies had traps and wonder wepaons? And more difficult maps makes the maps fun... If everything was easy it would be boring.

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                4. Re: Mlg players ruin zombies

                The maps on Black ops 2 for zombies are so easy.It's literally zombies for kids: preschool edition. Thats what they should have named it.

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                  5. Re: Mlg players ruin zombies

                  I agree... With all the perma-perks and buildables Zombies is much harder, the new features are great i mean they have to change Zombies... Evolve it... But it's much easier than before.

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                    6. Re: Mlg players ruin zombies

                    The old maps are way better. The zombie team went downhill after Call of the Dead. Why take the traps away? Those were the only things besides a WW that can kill in high rounds. Black Ops 2 zombie maps suck. The only maps that are decent are Nuketown Zombies and Die Rise. ( Never played Mob of the Dead but that looks to be the best out of all BLOPS2 zombies. It remindes me of the WaW days. ) Tranzit is such a fail. The survival maps are ONLY good to get your revives up. Grief is a fail for MLG players. Turned is even worst. Adding recoil to box weapons was a mistake. Lets make the Type 25 even worst. I wish they would fire the zombie team and have the campaign team do it instead. The only thing the zombie team did right in Black Ops 2 zombies is the AN-94 on the wall. 


                    ~THE NOOB KILLER

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                      7. Re: Mlg players ruin zombies

                      How is Grief a fail? Oh yeah, because you probably suck at it. Stick to survival kid.

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                        8. Re: Mlg players ruin zombies

                        So being 22-0 on farm means I suck? Well I guess I learn something new. But lets get real here. Grief doesn't prove nothing. Most randoms help the other team when a player goes down. Grief is filled with nothing but bones. All the true pro players play Die Rise and are waiting for Mob of the Dead to come out ( PS3). Also grief is a fail cause it hardly has anyone playing it just like turned. Its a waste of a game mode.


                        ~THE NOOB KILLER

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                          9. Re: Mlg players ruin zombies

                          Only 22 games? I have 400+ games of Town, 200+ games on Farm, and 100+ games on CellBlock, play grief that much and then come to me saying there isn't big competition out there. Grief proves everything. Survival you got teammates watching your back at all times, in grief your teammates could die out and then it'll be up to you to not only survive hordes of zombies but also manuever around the map in any way possible to not get griefed by other players.


                          Grief is filled with nothing but bones? How about you back out of the lobbies that are filled with bones that way when you run into a group of knives or shotguns you'll get scared and back out.


                          LMAO true players play die rise? So you can glitch yourself in a wall and get free kills? Die Rise is a joke, that's where all the fake shotgunners came out because they glitched to get them by using the sliquifier in a place where all the zombies gathered up. No skill needed at all.


                          And there's 5000+ players playing Cellblock, 800+ players playing Town Grief, and 700+ players playing Farm Grief. The majority of people don't always play Grief because they don't want to get their asses beat by elite players. It's the best thing to happen to zombies in my opinion just for the simple fact that I love competition and I'm tired of always hvaing to work with people. I want to shoot people, emp their boxes, perk machines, PaP, block them, basically TEST them to see how good they really are.


                          if you were on xbox I would do a 1v2, 1v3, hell even a 1v4 me against you and your buddies to show you how much Grief has improved my gameplay. 22 games and you think you got Grief figured out lmao bet you don't even know what catching the meat is.

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