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        I've seen the perspective, did you watch those videos I posted yesterday, there's no chance that in a gunfight I should be able to hipfire headshot you with a DSR before you get a shot off. In the second video my screen is completely red yet I can hipfire and get a OHK.


        I obviously haven't spent as much time on it as you but I can tell you I've gotten some bull **** quick and no scopes.

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          We share different opinions which is understandable. For me toughness is a must use perk on most classes. I'm also the type of player that is constantly seeking action and inevitably being shot at first. If you take toughness away, those kills where I'm being hit first but get in a quickscope for the kill would not kills. That's how it works for me at least.

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            If the person is aiming all over the place and is incapable of hitting there target then I agree they should die. But if I'm nailing you with round after round but you stay alive for whatever reason, like this seems to do so often, then you shouldn't be able to pull up and quickscope me. You were not outplaying, just got a lucky kill of the game mechanics

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              So you're admitting to not outplaying people but solely gaining success off a single perk?

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                But but, I outplayed you! That should definitely be part of the game! I should be able to OHK you while my screen is completely red and you're still shooting me! We need more guns like the Remington and better snipers in teh next CoD.

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                  I'm admitting to using the options at hand to my advantage. Instead of seeking change, I've learned to live with any and every aspect of this game and changed my playstyle to adapt to the game in its current state. Learning to live with the game and all it's flaws saved the series for me.

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                    Quickscoping is one of the hardest things to do in this game, so I really don't see how anyone can complain. Most players who try to quickscope fail, and the ones who do end up getting a decent score probably would have trippled it with another weapon. If the snipers are that good, then use them.

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                      quick soping is hard if you don't know the trick to very easy process doing i. put a clear piece of tape (clear tape) and draw a light X on it and stick it to your TV/Monitor and BAMM. you gotta quickscope/no scope reference. makes it sooooo easy. Gives you an instant refernce point so the minute u hit the scope button you knopw where the bullet is goona go. Hope that helps. 



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                        I think they need to increase the amount of time it takes to ADS with the sniper rifles that have a scope on them. This would eliminate quickscoping. And let's say I get in a 1v1 gunfight with a sniper, and the sniper hipfires and gets a lucky kill on me, then so beat it. I can deal with those lucky hipfire kills once in a while.


                        I think they should increase the time it takes to bring your gun up into a firing position while you are being shot. This would prevent the enemy from spinning around on his 14 sensitivity and shooting me with 2 bullets to my head. This way people won't complain about not being able to turn around and run to cover while being shot.

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                          Though that sounds like it probably works well, and is something I have thought of, I don't want to touch my TV screen with anything. Besides that, I don't really need it. It's not harder because of aim, it's harder because the snipers are slow and leave no room for mistakes. Where most other weapons allow you to let off 30+ rounds and miss with most, you usually only get one shot with a sniper before you're sprayed down. Quickscope sniper that is. I only really consider the DSR and Ballista actually sniper rifles. The other 2 might as well just be Fal's with scopes.

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