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        70. Re: A solution to Bullshitscoping

        If I'm accurate with my shots and I'm on you first and the killcam reflects this, you should be dead. This is why I think pistols, shotguns and sniper rifles are unbalanced. Whether t takes skill or not we can debate but there's no question that it's unbalanced.

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          71. Re: A solution to Bullshitscoping

          THANK YOU for this post

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            72. Re: A solution to Bullshitscoping



            My solution is quite simple and it should be put into effect on all weapons. When being shot at ADS time should be increased by at least 50% and movement speed reduced by 25% (Toughness does not counter this only flinch). No more shooting someone only to get turned on and pull off some lucky ass headshot that you got because flinching moved your crosshair up to the persons head. No more emptying a clip into a kid and getting OHK by a sniper.


            Do you want this to be only applicable to snipers? Because I know I've had this moment with ARs or SMGs too.

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              73. Re: A solution to Bullshitscoping

              ghamorra wrote:


              So are you for or against this idea?


              So here is the thing... in BO1 they did "fix it" by making it so the centering of the Sniper would be off when you 1st ADSed. They had to change it because it was too messed up for the people who wanted to use a sniper at all...


              Making such a change would make sniping useless again, because then someone with a sniper would always be too late to get their shot off unless they remained ADS 100% of the time which is not good:


              - Cannot see any other action

              - would get constantly trolled for "camping" (When I would perch with a sniper rifle I would have people deliberately stand in front of me... this is of course a problem with the community)


              I think the way BO1 was after slight tweaks was fine:


              - Neither Dex nor SOH/QD had an effect on snipers (e.g. nothing could be done so a player could raise their gun faster)

              - If you shot before fully scoped in your bullets would not always be on target


              This of course did not mean that quick scoping was not possible; getting over the term, it did mean a lot less BS was happening.  But the bottom line, any business that wishes to survive has to satisfy (all, and not some of) the paying customers.  There is a huge portion of the community that would be pissed if you could use a sniper...


              edit: As far as your suggestion - snipers only or all guns it is not a great idea because nobody would ever be able to survive gun engagements:


              - one not not be able to duck for cover

              - people with poor accuracy would gain a serious advantage over those with quick reflexes

              - if you ran into two+ people, you may as well put your controller down an accept the death (because you would not be able to move... so much for any potential double, triple or quad feeds)

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                74. Re: A solution to Bullshitscoping

                Best post I ever read on the subject. Period.

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                  75. Re: A solution to Bullshitscoping

                  Thank you..


                  Because people love to quickscope (or absolutely hate quick scoping), people forget about the fundamental problems with OHK weapons and the problems they can create.


                  I covered this in many threads over the years (example of latest: http://community.callofduty.com/message/414407511#414407511)


                  Many others have as well, including this post from G

                  (Haitian made a post that if snipers can be used as shotguns, then maybe shotguns could have unlimited range... many people did not catch the spirit of what he was getting at).

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                    76. Re: A solution to Bullshitscoping

                    What I find mildly amusing about quickscopers is this.  Nine times out of ten they have something in their name "ISNIPZE" "ELITESNIPR" "SNIPINGGOD" etc.  Making out they are some kind of QSing god.  When I look at these peoples combat record I check out their sniper rifles (usually near the top of the list) only to find they have worse KDRs with those weapons than me, and I only hard scope.  There are some really good quickscopers out there, like there are people who can own with just a pistol.  But these people are very rare, I can count on one hand how many I have seen in BO2.  If people want to quickscope, let them, they will usually lose and end up very negative.  Not really worth tying to stop them.  When they do annoy me is when they are on my team, they rarely help in domination.

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                      77. Re: A solution to Bullshitscoping

                      quick scoping is a joke, and unfortunately people who have been able to exploit this problem ruin the game. treyarch, and activision need to fix the problems that ruin this game but no instead they don't listen to the community and continue to keep making the same unbalanced pos, while cod is entertaining, it really isn't good.

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                        78. Re: A solution to Bullshitscoping

                        actually, the reason why quickcoping exists is because they DID listen to the community (well... the part of the community that enjoys it, and those who are in love with those who are good at it)

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                          79. Re: A solution to Bullshitscoping

                          Drif0rs video on lag compensation...




                          I'm pretty sure that this is irrefutable proof that you cannot accurately judge anything from a kill cam or theater mode clip unless you are 100% certain the 'person in question' is the host consule for the match. You cannot look at someone's theater clip or kill cam and say "WOW those hit boxes are absurd!" Especially when you could just go to a private match with a friend and see first hand just how small the hit boxes really are. The kill cams are a mesh of 8-18 seperate realities (depending on the game size) and are innacurate as ****.

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