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    GOOD Zombies suggestions

      I think in the next Zombies map we should be able to get the weapon Scorestreaks from BO1 in the mystery box - The Valkyrie Rockets and the Grim Reaper. I know some people will be sayin stuff like 'Keep Zombies and Multiplayer separate' but obviously it's not the same as you can't train and then blow 24 people up at once on Multiplayer. I also think you should be able to get Scorestreaks in Zombies, but as drops instead of Scorestreaks because obviously one dies much less frequently in Zombies. I think every so often you should get a drop for a Hunter Killer Drone, or K9 Unit or Swarm, would be awesome. And you should be able to get controllable drops like RC-XD or VTOL Warship, and the Zombies should sort of leave you alone while you're controlling it (but you have to be at least 5 metres away from a zombie when you do it to avoid easy escapes). People might not agree with me but i think it would be awesome.


           Anybody has anymore suggestions or feedback please comment