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        I speak from experience. The support has been the same since the W@W days, what makes you think its going to change now? I'm not being pessimistic, I'm being realistic. The community has grown smaller every year, and for good reason too. People don't want to put up with the Sh!t heaped onto this community so they leave, and rightly so. Numerous petitions have been tried, individuals have tried to speak up, the forums have been spammed over and over again. And still, this time of year the same thing happens over and over again. You really think you can be the voice of change in a dead community?

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          "Cuz I don't belong here."


          Perhaps I don't belong here anymore, I see most of the other community vets have been chased away by this point, I don't even know why I bothered posting again in the first place...


          Perhaps I'm just bothered by the blind idealism and sense of entitlement that all these kids have.


          And I'm not saying the double xp thing wasn't a great idea, it was. It was just too little too late for a dwindling community, trying to get people to expand out of tdm and try other game modes would have been much more effective had the idea been implemented closer to the release of the game. But alas

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            im not tryna call you out there like that. but if you consider yourself a vet then you should know and realize. this exists so that we all can hopefully biuld as a community with a common(ish) goal. whats the point if we arent doing that. in some ways it seems childish even. why dyou think name and shaming isnt allowed (or at least frowned upon)?


            just look at what you say or have said or whatever. change it or change how you present it.


            if youve grown to despise nintendo or this game or whatever, thats fine. everyone is entitled to their own opinion. but if its that negative (and this whole thing goes for anybody here), then we dont want you here. sh!t talk nintendo or activision or black ops on some other forum or with your buddies or even a seperate systems forum on here. i [and i hope all the other nintendo/activision/etc supporters agree] dont want that and dont want you here.


            i love nintendo. i love this game. i like both control styles. and i think this is a pretty balanced duty overall. and they have implemented and almost equalized those control styles. they gave it a good effort. and hopefully it will be equal in the next one we get. if we get a next one.


            now im sorry for the rant. not all of this is about you ^ obviously. i should really get to my study guide..lol. done tomorrow! fkyeah!

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              Theres taking a chance and trying, then theres going overboard and bleating until the devs ears bleed.

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                You and shomac wana 2v2 me and mace, and we`ll see who`s right Get yer chloroform ready Mace , where going rap1n again

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                  We`ve been around since world at war, and are used to NO support, you cant blame the vets for giving up, we`ve been fighting for 4 years and enoughs enough. I have NO hope of any DLC EVER

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                    1. not today. i have my last final tomorrow morning and i need to study and do one (maybe 2) papers. but ill probs be on tomorrow.


                    2. i dont know who shomac is in-game. or you two either for that matter. but ill 1v1 you both. 2 weapons of your choice (primary n secondary or overkill primaries). no perks. no attachments. no equipment. pure skill with your chosen weapons and hopefully connection wouldnt be a big factor. are you american? if so what directional region? im north central. and if we actually do this we can decide number of classes when we get there. also, if it would maybe make a difference, we can each have host connection once.

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                      or we could do a gun game or sharpshooter with every weapon. some of this sounds fun again no perks or attachments. and no combos.

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                        I finished finals last week haha :P


                        I realize what you're trying to say, and I'm not trying to be negative here. I'm just saying that support for the game is going to drop off after several months on all consoles, not just the Nintendo consoles (although our support is likely to drop off sooner because of our small community)


                        We won't get dlc until our community grows, that's just logical on Activision's end from a money making standpoint. They're all about the money, its as simple as that.


                        And we're not going to get a whole lot of info regarding these things, that's just the way it works with nondisclosure agreement issues and whatnot.


                        What I'm getting at is that these are just some of the thing we have to deal with as the Nintendo community. To whine and b!tech about it day after day isn't going to get us anywhere because its unrealistic to assume that change is going to happen regarding these areas. That's what I'm annoyed at. Obviously there are some things like the name and shame policy that I disagree with, but its a forum rules issue and what can we do about that? There's just certain things that aren't worth complaining about, and trying to get equal treatment is one of those things

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                          I agree with you.



                          "if its for the benefit of everybody. youre not even trying bro. and if stuff like thats not what you want then get off our forum cuz you dont belong here."

                          the1andonlyIKY, people have opinions. if you want to make a point to reject someone's opinion, do it as respectfully as possible.


                          The fact is this, plain and simple:


                          Why stick around to play a game series on a platform where support ends half ways through its first year?

                          Why stick around playing a game series that doesn't get DLC on one platform, but does on all the rest?

                          Furthermore, why stick around to play a game series where you paid the exact same amount of money as the other versions, but are getting less.



                          I can see why people switch to other platforms, but i stay here because i like to use the Wii Remote. I have CoD on my PS3. I have friends that play Call of Duty on the PS3, but i still stick with the Wii and Wii U mainly because it has something that i like: The Wii Remote.


                          I bought CoD titles on the Wii for $49.99.No DLC and patches/support stopped after 3-6 months. PS3, PC and Xbox 360 versions cost $59.99 and get DLC and support for a year. Fast forward to the Wii U. $59.99, no DLC. Ok, fine; however, this could also be the beginning of no more support for the Wii U version... I paid $59.99 for it, the same price as the other versions and no lasting support? There are things which should be dealt fairly. Double XP does not make up for there being less support for a game. I will continue to be optimistic until August, but if the support really did drop, then me not playing and buying CoD games is left on a bad note. I try to leave things on a good note, but this would be out of my hands.



                          Treyarch is a good developer, but i don't agree with this CoD cycle. I'd rather spend my $59.99 on a game where there is lots of conent and or support. It's my money, so i'd rather put it towards something satisfcatory than try to remain optimistic about something that doesn't look like will improve much.

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