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    Phd Flopper on Die Rise attempts to obtain it

      At the loading screen it shows them going down on top of the elevator with out Russ. "Accept your fate begin a new". All four characters spawn in from purple beam.


      I was wanting to know what has been done to try and get Phd Flopper? I have a theory that has not been tried to my knowledge and I will attempt to do it later. If some group could try it though it wouldn't be hard at all.


      Here are the steps.


      1. Get enough points to open doors and turn power on. (The long way around) You can make trample steam. Has nothing to do with this though.


      The three characters besides Russ buys Whos Who. (Make sure you have enough to buy Phd Flopper after you buy Whos Who)


      Russman is only one to get Whos Who

      3. Everyone needs to take Elevator down in the first room. See this is where it can vary. So


      1. Everyone takes elevator down

      2. Everyone except Russman goes back to the begining room to jump down the elevator(with Who's Who perk)

      3 This is where I would like to see if you spawn in the Phd Flopper room so you can buy it.

      4 Jump down on elevator and have russman put key in to send it back up.


      1. Russ gets in elevator first then goes down which puts him in whos who.

      2. Everyone gets in elevator to take it down while Russ is in Whos Who.


      Take the long way around build trample steam to jump across and get the key and use it to fix the elevator. Has anyone tried this?  If that doesn't work I don't know but I believe-


      There is a reaon why the elevator is like that? What is it besides Phd Flopper? The three of them was on top of the elevator at first and it doesn't seem to be the first room that they end up in either and when they do the elevator seems to be normal?  I'm just not suppose to notice those details am I?