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    Find B02 XBL Zombies Players that won't F**KING leave the lobbies.

      Hiya, Ive recently got in to Zombies after recently having it recomended to me by my housemate. I've really enjoyed the more team-like aspect of it, but am fed up of people quiting lobbies before we get to high rounds. Typically playing a lot of survival and or grief when im bored. When playing together (me and my housemate) we've managed to get upto around 20 on Farm and Town and 26 (i think) on Nuketown.


      We are by no means MLG, but not entirely **** (like everyone else in the lobbies we seem to join!). Relatively new to Forums, appologies if this is posted in the wrong place. Our gamer tag is;


      Dem Skag Men


      We are students procrastinating and tend to play a lot, drop us a friend request if you want someone new to play with. We also have the season pass.