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      As has been said a million times, this PoS game lags. And it is due to the stupid a$$ multiplayer system of having players from different CONTINENTS playing against each other. What fluckhead of a software engineer thought it would be a great idea to pair up people of different fuccking CONTINENTS? Hello, is anyone fckking home? God d4mn.


      Other than than sh1t lag, the game is cool.

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          Re: Lag-tastic



          If you are experiencing lag while playing multiplayer, please see the Activision support article



          The game will try to find the player with the best connection first, if that takes longer than usual, the game will look for players or a lobby that is ready to play and the idea is to not have you sitting in the lobby all day while it looks for games close to you.


          Of course playing from a wired connection will improve your connection and reduce the latency. Then there's the time of day in which you play as well that may determine the amount of lag you experience.


          If you need further assistance, please contact Activision Assist via Twitter (@ATVIAssist) or Facebook (Activision Assist).


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