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    Wii U has no games


      So what games are you looking forward to this year? Other than ghosts of course. I'm personally looking forward to the new 3D mario....its being made by the galaxy team...What made galaxy great? The music, the environments, the difficulty in the last 60 stars and the gameplay all blended together beautifully to make one of the best games ever made. I'm also looking forward to MK U...Will they top sonic all stars racers? Will the blue shell be nerfed? Also, Watchdogs...of course. Batman origins and pikmin 3...oh and who can forget the new monolith soft game. MH was a game I didn't think I would like...but I did. A lot. There's a reason I have 200 hours played so far. Now JRPGs...I never really tried them...so what better way to start than by playing the sequel(?) to xenoblade! It'll have online MP, so why not? Oh and of course...i'm looking forward to first strike on bo wii. Hey, a youtuber told me it was coming eventually, so it must be true!