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    Where did these connection problems come from?

      Before I get into the issue, let me just say this isn't meant to attack the game in any way possible. (I've seen a lot of threads doing that lately.) Forgive me if I sound stupid or misinformed.


      So here's what happened. I had a good connection for the most part the first couple of days last week. I could consistently get 4 bars in my games, and rarely dropped to a 3 bar. Starting Wednesday of last week, disaster struck and my connection got worse. I started having trouble signing in, and on the rare occasions that I would actually get in, I get disconnected a few minutes later. When I finally was able to stay on for a while to see how things were doing, I decided to play Call of Duty when I realized that things were not the way it was before. I saw that I was getting 1 and 2 bars consistently now, so I was not able to play under these conditions. I tested this on a variety of games (including MW3 and BO2), and still had the same issue. Oddly enough, I go on MW3 today and I took a look at the map you see when you sign in on the game. I figure this was used to get a general idea of what I'm going to be connected to in terms of region (Don't quote me on that if that's wrong since I'm not entirely sure.). The line was over parts of the Eastern Hemisphere (United Kingdom specifically) instead of North America, and since I'm in North America, I became concerned that I may be connecting to parts of the world that's going to give me a disadvantage in terms of connection in lobbies. I had used the restore to factory default method to see if that worked, but I still have the same problems.


      Is there anything I can do to solve this problem? Is this related to the sign in problems Microsoft has been trying to fix or is all of this my problem?