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    Evil Dead Forum Challenge

      First attempt at a forum Challenge with winners declared. Hopefully this gets enough interest to bring a little friendly competition to the forum and give us something to discuss when interesting topics are dry. As of now, the challenge is only for Xbox players since I have no way of checking games on other systems. If this is successful enough for another challenge after, then hopefully we can get some judges for other consoles.


      EVIL DEAD CHALLENGE MAY 14th - 31st 2013



      The Challenge -

      Keep Marlton alive as long as possible at the Cabin on Tranzit.


      Rules -

      UPDATE - Can be done with 1 - 4 players as long as somebody is Marlton.


      The game is over when Marlton goes down, as he represents Ash who was the last one to survive. Once he goes down the first time, its over. Doesn't need to bleed out, so stop killing zombies once he's down.


      Players have to be at the cabin at the beginning of round 2 and cannot leave the inside of the cabin or porch areas other than to grab a dropped power up and then have to return immediately back to the cabin. No training around outside. So starting the game with money in the vault is recommended.


      Players can grab any perks, weapons, equipment, or buildables they want other than the ray gun and Galvaknuckles. They can use claymore, bowie knife, and any box weapon other than the ray gun. The only weapons that can be pack a punched are Shotguns, and each player can only have 1 PaP weapon.


      *No Voice of Justice*


      Downed players cannot use their Mustangs. Accidents happen when going down and panicking, so a quick shot or two is forgivable, but anything else is not allowed.


      No glitching.


      Penalties to player's scores can be added for violations.


      Also, a single person can be on up to two winning teams. So 1st place could be players A, B, C, and D and third place could be players A, E, F, and G. No more than one player can be on another winning team, and that player can only be on two of the top 4.


      Winning -

      Team that lasts the highest round and most combined kills by the team win. The deadline for submitting games is May 31st.


      Top Team gets the their names on the Challenge Trophy which goes up on a leaderboard trophy case, which either grows with more trophies, and probably better ones from the community, or disappears into the abyss of the forum depending on how well this goes. 2nd through 4th place will get their names on some kind of award or board that will accompany the winners.




      Submitting -

      Once you think you have a game worth submitting, send me a Personal Message on this forum. Include someone's Gamertag who has the game in their Theater mode and whose friend list isn't full so I can send them a friend request. They don't need to accept me as a friend and once the challenge is over they an decline it. Just need to check their theater games to make sure no one cheated. Also include how long the game was so I can find it, what round you reached, how many kills combined the team had, a name for the team in case you are in the top 4, and a list of the team members. Doesn't have to be their GT. Can be whatever they would want listed on the leaderboard.


      Round Reached

      Team Kills Total


      Length of Game

      Team Name



      I'll start posting the top 4 teams during the week and I'll stop taking submissions the 31st. Up until this Friday, I will leave the high rounds and kills off the leaderboard so no one knows what the top team has. Then on Friday I will add the scores so people know what to shoot for for the last week. Hopefully have the winners up soon after.


      If this goes over well, then we can try to pick new challenges and keep the winners list going. Something that will help us pass the time in between DLCs since we still have some time before the next one and who knows when the last is coming. And hopefully we can get people to judge other systems so everyone can get involved and have one leaderboard that includes each console.

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