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      So around 2 weeks ago I turned my attention to SnD to complete all the challenges and the thing I have noticed is that defuses, destroying objective and ultimately finishing the challenges associated with the game mode are nearly impossible. I've played it both in in HC and Core, but there seems to be an inherent disregard for actually playing SnD as it should be played. I'm not sure what's different from previous CODs where I loved SnD, but the dynamics just seem weird anyone else think the same or have an opinion?

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          It definitely seems different this time around, but it's still my favorite mode. Give it some time and it will get better. It's the only mode that excites me anymore.

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            yeah, I recently started playing SnD too, and I've noticed that some people just treat it like a slower pace TDM...I gotta admit, I'm pretty guilty of this too. It's just so much easier to get rid of the other team, instead of actually planting or defusing the bombs. When I play with clan mates we try to plant and such, but when I'm soloing, it seems like the average teammate just likes to go around getting kills. I think I've only played 1 match where a bomb was actually planted, the bomb site wasn't even destroyed

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              i've been playing SnD quite a bit lately as well and I think there are a lot more players who just like to have fun in this mode. They don't take the game as seriously, they like to try out interesting classes and they do things that are pretty funny sometimes.  I find it somewhat refreshing as many people take this game way too seriously.


              I'm still making decent progress on all the challenges however I have noticed that the "Search & Destroy: Search & Destroy Destroyer" challenge doesn't seem to be working.  This is the challenge to detonate the bomb 50 times.  I know I have planted the bomb over 50 times and I don't think that it has been defused every single time but it still tracks at 0 for me.  Does anyone kow if there is something special that needs to be done for this challenge?