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    cannot aim anymore please help!!!

      so i was prestige master and i was a great player until i stopped playing for 3 week and i've been back playing for about a month and my aim is terrible and i have tried everything but i still cant aim.... i used to play with my sensitivity on 14 and came back and it was to much so i have changed it  and nothing is working.....if someone has had this happen to them or has any advice it would be great to hear back

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          Jump into a few custom games with the bots to get your groove back. Start with them on Recruit just to get the vibe back.


          Usually works for me when I am rusty.

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              i have tried this to.... trust me i used to no life this game and i still play everyday just not alot ,,, when i play the bots i can do fine i usually quickscope (i used to be one of the best) but when i go back to  public my aim is poop agian...... PS im getting some kontrol freaks to see if they help

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              check if aim assist is turned off...and start off on lower sensitivty untill u get used to it...stop using lightweight if u do until u get used to it...play with red dot...on guns like mtar, type and peacek...hope that helpls...good luck bro..

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                14? My eyes would fall out of my head trying to watch the screen lol.

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                  you have to readjust dont worry you will.

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                    And all credibility was lost as soon as he stated he was a quickscoper.....

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                      Don't listen to the quickscope haters. I used a 14 sensitivity for about 3 days of game play, but in my experience lower setting are more benificial. I find that 10 works great for quickscoping. If you're having to drag more than the speed 10 allows, you're having problems with centering.


                      It's weird that it's been a month since you started back and can't get back your aim, but I would suggest dragscoping more until you find your groove again and can center with precision making pop shots the norm again.




                      BTW aim assist doesn't work until your ADS'ed, and quickscoping without aim assist isn't any different. AA affects dragscopes mostly and hardscopes, and it's not in the same neiborhood of the advantage of using AA vs not while using automatic weapons.


                      Yeah I know you're thinking I've gone without aim assist, and it isn't that bad. And you're right that it doesn't help in all situations, but if you like to drop shot, jump drop, etc there's a huge diffence. Hip firing in CQC as well, but it's basically at close range I find AA usefull for automatics.


                      Thing is, with snipers, you can play an entire session and not notice if it's on or off. This just happened to me yesterday. I had arguably my best FFA performance with a sniper I've ever had.


                      If you haven't spent time quickscoping, you can't really understand it outside of assumptions and speculations, and continuing to bash something you hate and don't understand falls under hate crimes right?



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                          nice post my friend... always nice to see well constructed and well-informed quickscoping post


                          @OP... It might not be that your aim is completely gone.  If you're doing okay against bots and not online then that's probably more indicative of latency issues.  I see it all the time myself.  Some lobbies my shot is just really on the money (good connection) and other lobbies I can't hit the guy 2 feet in front of me while he's crouch-walking (bad connection). Par for the course in the modern CoD


                          Chopping and changing your sensitivity is probably not going to do you any favours really.  Best to just stick to one sensitivity and keep grinding away until you get really used to it again and let the muscle memory develop for that sensitivity.

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                            thank you! i hate when people talk bad about snipers just because they themselves suck at it,it takes skill to do something most people cant and to be really good at it... its people like that who use the FAL with target finder and ful-auto in the back of their spawn and i still run a higher k/d then them

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                            Part of the problem is not playing for 3 weeks beleive it or not. The second issue is changing your sensitivity so often. Keep it on what feels right for that game and dont change it. Lastly treyarch and infinity ward uses us as lab rats and makes the necessary buffs/nerfs as needed apparently so the guns you get used to 1 day can be a completly different gun the next...


                            Sadly this is how it works.

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                              Yeah, your probably best off not chaging sencitivities because that could mess up your aim even more. I sometimes join friends when they are trickshotting and need another man so I permanatly keep it at 14. I find that I sometimes go through really bad patches where I just cant seem to hit anyone, It annoyes me mostly because I know I have good consistant accuracy and most of the time it feels like the game letting me down rather than my skill (and i can happily admit when I mess up). The ballista is my weapon of choice and I have been getting a rediculous amount of hit markers lately in places where I know it should of no doubt been OHK, the other day I had 2 hitmarkers on a guys head before he died.

                              Best thing to do is just to play through it and you'll get better again. also the kontrolfreaks may ruin your aim for a while as you get used to them, I've just started using a scuf pad and the domed aim stick has thrown my aim off a good bit and is hard to adjust to as it feels like playing on a higher sencitivity.

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                                For a start unless you're sniping a sensativity of 14 is way too high, 7+ and you can do a full 360 in 1 sweep so why 14??! Also, are you playing on the same tv/ screen? Changing your tv or screen can make a big big difference to how you play. I sometimes don't play for months come back and i'm a better player so 3 weeks out shouldn't make you worse? This games all about map knowlesge, awareness and reactions, taking 3 weeks out shouldn't effect either!