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    Mob Of The Dead: More glitches than usual?


      Treyarch, there have been many glitches on mob of the dead, i honestly can't tell if it is my playstation or something to do with you guys that you could some how fix, this is an awesome map but it has the most glitches that i've seen (not that i've seen a lot) but the night it came out i was going co op and it randomly froze and we hade to shut off our playstation on round 15 when we were doing really well, then today, in the map area called the citidel, one of the hallways just went a shining white with a glitchy looking black, i was going to show it on youtube but it didn't show up in theater mode. that is all i have to say, i am wondering if anyone else is experienceing more glitches than usual on this map.