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    How to quickscope in sniper rifle?

           I use DSR-50 with ballistic CPU and extended clip.


      I have despiseable k/d ratio: 0.35. Can anyone else help me?!

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          Put a piece of invisible tape on your tv screen and mark a dot where the center of your crosshairs are on the tape then practice. Same technique for hip firing and it also gives you a makeshift reticle against EMP spam. After awhile you won't need it.

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            Yeah I can, and I'd be happy to help. First thing I'm going to teach you is stop quickscoping until you can hardscope. Next will be dragscoping, and finally quickscoping only when the other two options aren't available. Basically I'd be happy to teach you how to use a sniper properly. PM me here or at SandSeven7 at youtube, and I'll have some time in the next couple days to let you know what I've learned in the few months since I took up sniping, and all the things I wish some one would have told me.

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              easy - you don't

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                You let the Target Assist get the gun on target. That happens faster than you think it does. But you have to fire immediately once on target because sniper rifles have sway programmed into them. If you hesitate, you'll miss when quickscoping.

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                  Just started using snipers for the first time ever about 2 weeks ago.


                  Had messed around in private matches on MW3 just QS but never used them in public lobbies.  I started playing COD in MW2, including that game, BO1, MW3, and BO2 up until a few weeks ago I probably had less than 10 kills total with snipers in all the games combined.


                  I actually got the hang of it pretty quickly, my KD with the preferred DSR is like 1.96, the ballista much worse due to all the hitmarkers, and I refuse to use the other two because they are semi-auto.


                  I agree with SandSeven, try to get good at hardscoping and dragscoping, that will make you good with a sniper. 


                  Quickscoping is a luxury and involves a good deal of luck and skill.  The key is to have the enemy in the direct center of your screen when you pull up to shoot.


                  The guy who said put a piece of tape in the dead center of your screen with a dot on it is accenting this point.  You do this so you have a frame of reference.  I dont do this because I have really nice TVs and dont want to put tape on them but this is an option.




                  Im posting a video above, I want you to watch how I keep enemies at a distance.  The further the enemies are from you the better.  There is a good mix of hardscopes, dragscopes, and 1 or 2 quickscopes.  I get 32 DSR kills in this game of core KC, I think I managed to fit 29 or 30 of the kills into the clip.  You have to move much more strategically if you want to have a good KD with a sniper.  You cant go face to face with multiple enemies in CQC, your only hope is keep them at a distance, I think youll notice I do that in the video.  Im not hiding in a window or corner, Im basically patrolling the middle of the map on Carrier, right out in the open.  Use cover effectively while you have to cock the weapon.