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    Toughest Challenges in BO2

      I think the Domination Master has to be in my Top 3.  The Domination Challenge to hold a 3 flags for 3 consecutive minutes is really hard.  The FHJ 18 challenge to shoot 10 player controlled vehicles is also very tough.  The Diamond Camo Challenge for the AR's has to be considered as well. 


      Which Challenges do you think are the toughest?

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          Destroy RC-XD with Combat Axe.

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            Nuclear Title. Been playing since launch and i still haven't gotten that damn thing!!!

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              The FJH challenges are not hard, but they are so situational. You don't see many player controlled streaks and people don't use the AGR that much. What I ended up doing is just chucking care packages across the map, in the hope they get a dragonfire, lodestar or Vtol.


              I randomly got the domination one yesterday. Completely random team without any communication at all and somehow we managed to spread out on each flag. Once we held it for a minute, the other team slowly started leaving


              I personally thing the camo challenges for the special weapons are insanely difficult. I never unlocked the crossbow or ballistic knife untill I reached prestige master. 300 kills with those are already hard to get and I don't even want to think about those other challenges. So happy that the Riot Shield doesn't qualify as a primary, so I at least have my Primary Master title

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                  Are you people kidding? All of those challenges are easy compared to chain killer (8 kills + in a row with NOT score streaks). How the hell do you get that one?

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                      Haven't had the 8 kills, but I did get the 7 kills. It's just a matter of luck.


                      Hard challenges for me mean challenge that are just difficult to do, those that require skill instead of random luck. I just got lucky in Nuketown where the whole enemy team kept spawning on one side where I was. Just picked 7 off with a AR before I got shot. Could have easily killed another one.


                      Chain killer =/= hard, it is pure luck that you manage to catch yourself in the enemy spawn. Getting a bloodthirsty with a crossbow, that's what I call hard.

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                          It's only as lucky as your positioning, and actually killing the people. You're right, there is luck as far as situation goes, but when it comes to actually killing the people there is a tremendous amount of skill needed. If you could have easily gotten the 8th kill then why didn't you?

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                              I had to reload while there were 6 pissed off enemies around me. Should've moved a bit smarter or switched to my secondary


                              Whenever I'm on a small rampage, I just get too cocky and screw myself by making the worst decisions ever... It's fun to do sometimes, looking at yourself in theater and making fun of your own incredible stupid logic

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                        chain killer.. 9 rapid kills


                        I got it on nuke town playing peek a boo with their spawn on HCDOM.